Friday Fav...

How do I love thee Nutella? Let me count the ways...actually it's pretty easy because I love it on EVERYTHING..(ok there are a few exceptions..but only a few!)

Do you know that there is a world Nutella day?? February 5th 2010..not to be confused with the over done Valentines day..
My favorite Nutella memory? Eating a Nutella filled crepe, while sitting at Luxenberg gardens watching French Gentlemen playing bocce ball...(I just sighed real loud after I wrote that).
Now go do yourself a favor and get some and slather away I PROMISE you won't be disappointed and if you don't want the rest of the know where to send it:)


Anonymous said…
When Liz attended Monroe Christian, her friends there would commonly bring Nutella in their lunches...'we' began to do the same.
Lauren said…
Oh how I love Nutella... The German konditorei (basically, a bakery) sold croissants filled with nutella. Every hotel we stayed in had little 'fun size' nutellas with the jellies by the toast.

My personal favorite is Nutella on banana. hmmm... so good!

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