The List...

Late night quiet crafty goodness here at Roosevelt House..feeds the soul.

I'm lovin being back in the country..lovin mud on my boots and my hands in the earth.

10. Yes I've been doing alot of posting lately, no I don't have an excess amount of time, I'm working on Tres Birds branding..learn more about that here.

9. I'm giving away a fifty dollar gift certificate on the junk bus. Oh you are not going on the bus?? Well then you are seriously missing out!! But don't worry there is going to be another one Dec 5th (just in time for Christmas!) And the big daddy of them all...FARM CHICKS!! What are you waiting for..get on da bus!!

8. After standing in the pouring down rain for Dylan's last cross country meet, I'm kinda missing AZ..

7. Speaking of which..Amy you better get that guest room ready..come February I'm thinking I'm going to be in serious need of a staycation:)

6. So I need some good tips from all of you who run a business out of your do you balance laundry and work? I'm kinda falling behind on the laundry part..oh wait I never had it balanced BEFORE I attempted this whole business out of my home bit..shoot.

5. Have you checked out this site?? It's horribly wrong you can't help but wrong.

4. Are you freaking out about Christmas shopping yet?? (Insert panic here)

3. Just because it's completely impossible for me to NOT follow all things politically minded..I was wondering what are your thoughts on health care..or do you even care?? Thoughts?

2. You know those posters that say "All I ever needed to know I learned in Kindergarten?" Well I'm going to have one made up that says.."All I ever needed to know I learned from the Strehle kids." Everyday they amaze me.

1. I'm hoping to have my web-site up this week..stay tuned!! For all you locals I'm doing a photography give-away...stay tuned!!


Anonymous said…
I'm relieved that your craft goodness doesn't make your heart sore!
Amber Rose said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said…
My guest room is always ready!! We would love to have you!! Think Jon is headed back your way in about a week. Here's my laundry solution (and I don't even work)... I have been known to just buy more clothes for the kids so they have something clean to wear the next day. That's why I grocery shop at Target. Of course, then you have to wash those
Anonymous said…
I checked out that webiste. That's why I don't shop at
Life's Delish said…
That is why I shop at Target. Though I did see the Obama Limo at my Costco the other week. The kids thought it great.
Wendy Girl said…
That website is suicide. My neck hurts from turning my head sideways trying to figure some of that out...We looked at it for way too long.

Are you really doing a bus to farm chicks? In december? Where is it.

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