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Sorry about the weird post last week, I started the post and THOUGHT I hit the save button, but really it was the publish button..nice.

Moving on...lets talk about things Amber loves..things that make me smile everyday, things that if I were asked to choose only one item to take with me on a deserted island...I would smuggle in these other nine.

10.Benefit's Lemon-Aid. The first time I used it..I wanted to marry it:) Like stand at the alter and say a vow to Benefit..

"Do you Amber take this Benefit Lemon-Aid?" says the solemn priest.

"Forever and always!!" shrieks Amber.

Long night up with puking kids? Long night up with gf's and red wine? Stayed up too late stalking people on Facebook? No one will know that you looked at pictures of your ex-boyfriend from high-school til 1 am..its your secret.

9. Mr Clean Magic Erasers..My kids are perfect..but yours are not.8. Google Reader
I don't read as many blogs as you might think..this is because most of the blogs I follow are just that..the kind of blogs you READ. So it takes me a bit to get through the blogs I stalk. Google reader keeps them all neat and tidy for me and with one click I'm sitting pretty at all your stuff that makes my life easier!

7. My Mini-Van

If you have to drive a Mini-Van THIS is the on to drive...I'm not gonna lie..I do really wish I did not have to drive a mini-van...I mean, me being such a super sexy hot mamma and all, I deserve a really cute two seater..but the "hot MAMMA" part does not allow the two seater right now..I'm hopeful I have a Audi in my future, along with a tummy tuck and boob job..a girl can dream, right?

6. My Le Creuset dutch oven.

I use this bad boy ALL the time. Now I'm not saying it's any better than other dutch ovens..but it does say.."Made in France" on the lid, and that makes me smile while prepping dinner.


Judy says, "Amber this Italian Wedding Soup is to DIE for, you just HAVE to give me the recipe."
"Oh I'm sorry that recipe is a family secret..If I gave it to you, I would have to kill you."

4. My Husband..sorry I don't share.

3. Netflix
You know that we are weirdos..we don't have cable..that means no television.
Netflix makes it so we are not COMPLETELY out of the loop..just kinda out of the loop. We just watched this movie called Titanic..have you ever heard of it?

2. Cabi Jeans
Have you ever heard of Cabi? Well I had not either before the now infamous AZ move. These jeans are PERFECTION in denim..they ended my hours of frustrated jean shopping. Lady who started Cabi, if I met you..I just might kiss you.

1.Bag Balm

This story starts off kinda sad, bear with me:)
When I was in 3rd grade my mother passed away, for the next few years I was a little girl riddled with nervous habits. One such habit was licking my father so aptly came up with a nick-name of "triple lip" for me (its ok I can laugh about this now, I've had therapy). The name "triple lip" was given for the 3rd lip I had developed on top of my real upper-lip from licking it so much. My Dad, having grown up on a farm thought Bag Balm would be the answer to my chapped with the very best intentions he would slather the dark yellow goop on my face..right before I got on the bus to school. On the bus I sat next to a very mean boy, we will call him Andy (cuz that's what his name is) he would look at me and say,"What is that yellow sh@# all over your face?" Then proceed to relentlessly tease the triple lipped nervous little girl. Of course in my infinite wisdom I was sure that if I did not have Bag Balm on my face, Andy would not make fun of I took the can and chucked it as far as I could into the woods...hoping it would never be found again. Fast forward a few years, I had just begun dating this super studly guy..we will call him Zach (cuz thats what his name is). After a particularly long night of "talking" (we had ALOT to say!) I had a serious case of chapped lips. I was a tad desperate searching through our medicine cabinet looking for a remedy, low and behold there was the bright green tin can. "Hmm, I wonder?" was my thought, and so I slathered the yellow goop on my lips..viola! Mean boy did not suddenly appear and Zach still thought I was the hottest thing on two legs..I was a convert. Ever since then Bag Balm has been my constant companion.. I just have to remember not to put any on the kids before they get on the bus.


Lateda said…
how come I never have heard the bag balm story?? that was a real tear jerker:)
Love that "the list" is back!
Miss Charity said…
HAHAHAHAHA...I love you girl! A little more every time I read your blog...
Lauren said…
Wonderful post... I too am a big fan of Benefit. I think you started that.

You failed to mention the alternative bag balm name: cow :)

Love you!
Wendy Girl said…
7: The only thing that would make your mini van cooler would be: The ability to turn it.. LOL...

3: We love net-flix..I kinda feel bad sometimes when they sit on the desk for a month....

1...Mean Andy's Last name didn't start with a L did it?

Love Ya..
Anonymous said…
Girl you crazy like a cat in a room full of old ladies in rocking chairs
Anonymous said…'re a blog stalker too. And I caught grief for cheating on you!!ao
Tamis said…
love, love, love your list. many of your loves are also mine. I have found bag balm works so well and cheaper than all the medicinal type. Lemon aid, huh? I forsee it showing up in my amazon shopping cart any time now.

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