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She really wanted to come home with me. That would have been a tight squeeze in the mini-van.

We spent some time over at my parents last week. Diane took me on a bit of a farm tour with my camera in tow, here are just a few of my favs.

This is baby deer. A family took this little lady in as a fawn and now she super tame..the kiddos thought it was pretty cool, my Dad on the other hand is worried about how much baby deer loves his raspberry bushes.

10. Ahh summer, I'm pretty sure you have rendered me wordless. Every time I sit down to type out a few words..I draw a blank. Sun tan oil, late nights by the camp fire and senseless day dreaming has caused a bit of writers block. I'm living summer, not just writing it, and man it sure feels good.

9. Did you hear the news??? Wild Whimsy started an ETSY store!! Now go get your cuff!

8. While we are talking about friends with fabulous stuff. Come Junk with Us is putting together a few bus trips that you are soo NOT going to want to miss. Barn House, Clayson Farms..good times junking friends..good times.

7. Right now I'm typing this on my brand spanking new MacBook Pro. Yay!!

6. Do you remember when you were younger and summer seemed to go on forever?? Me too..gosh I miss those days.

5. I'm starting a major redo on Roosevelt House this week. We have been here just under a year and I finally feel like it just might really be my house, I even have been inspired to go back through my decor books and pick paint colors. 3 years of moving really took it out of me and ever so slowing my love of home is starting to return.

4. I spent some time last Saturday at a pretty fabulous show in Rathdrum Idaho. I sure love The Vintage Barn show, it's large enough to attract some dang good vendors, yet small enough not to totally overload your senses. I kept the camera in the bag all day..Miss Elaine told me I was loosing my edge and Timi stared at me in disbelief when I told her I was taking the day off.
Felt good:)

3. I was SOOOOO disappointed with The Last Airbender (the first real AVATAR) The Strehle family have been long time did they totally BLOW that movie:(

2. I'm sure you have seen's been all over the place, but it really is interesting.

1. Along with the decor bug that has come back to Roosevelt House, the entertaining bug as arrived as well. I'm loving having friends gathered once again around the large table. Life is so good.


Anonymous said…
You make that turquoise truck actually look good!
Great pictures! Nice to have you come for a visit...come again soon!
Life's Delish said…
:)! Welcome to the MAC side. So glad you are loving summer. We are having a great summer as well. My kids are watching the whole Avatar series again this summer....we heard the movie blows so we are waiting for video. Sure miss you. l will call soon. I have a family in town for the next while. Can't imagine why they would want out of AZ for awhile:)
Julie said…
Yep, The Last Air bender was awful.In fact it was so bad I am actually leaving a comment instead of my usual tactic of blog stocking, no comments.

Later gator!

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