Me, myself and I

I have noticed a trend, I guess C.J. was right when he called me and my blogging self narcissistic.

Truthfully I think this is the photo that started my obsession with self photography.
I will blame it on Paris. This is back when my camera did not take up my entire face.

Look close, me with long straight hair, Paris and Benjamin Franklin.

I think I'm going to start a new blog.."Self photography using mirrors."
You know you want to read it.

Every once in a while if I'm feeling generous I will allow a person to pose with me. Lucky girl.

I have noticed two things..I'm always in a dress that is mostly black and I have wear a lot of black finger nail polish..does this make me goth?

Umm..I look tired here and if I remember correctly, I was.

Yes, dear sweet reader I have issues, but at least a healthy self esteem is not one of them.


Our Family said…
You are so funny Amber!!! Love it!!!
Life's Delish said…
I love the mirror photos. I can keep up with your changing hair. Love the short look.

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