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Crepes for Silas' Birthday breakfast.

8th grade = sad momma!

2nd grade & 5th grade

10. The Creative Connection!!!!!
Miss Elaine, Timi and myself are leaving on a jet plane..don't know if I'll be back again.
Ok I will be back honey..I promise:)
There is just soo much going on at this event. Great speakers, tech classes, crafty classes and of course shopping. Plus I'm going to be heading out with Timi one day for the Junk Bonanza which should be an adventure..cuz really anytime you head out onto the open road with Timi its and adventure:)
There are so many parts to be really excited about and I'm hoping I come home refreshed with a new passion and ideas for Tres Birds..oh and a book deal would be nice as well.

9. I'm having such a hard time focusing on just one project lately. I'm soo all over the place. This is one reason why I have not blogged in a week, I seriously have like 8 drafts going..I get about a quarter of the way through the post and get distracted. I'm not sure if it's writers block or too much info in the noggin block.

8. Wild Whimsy just released their fall collection. Head on over to their Etsy site before it's too late!

7. Ambers cooking strike of summer 2010 has officially ended! The Strehle kiddos are very happy to have something other than hot dogs, mac and cheese and bean burritos again. I started off with my favorite Tyler Florence stew recipe along with some homemade goodness from artisan bread in 5 minutes. Ahh yum. One thing that I realized after taking my break is how much time I spend in the kitchen. Like a lot... A LOT. I'm not bitter, my family is just dang lucky.

6. Ruffles and Rust!!! This is going to be SOME show!!! Didja know that Friday night there is going to be a bloggers ball?? Yes for those of you ladies who are into those sorts of things (like trying to relive your high-school glory days) you can don a gown and get out and meet some fellow bloggers/facebookers! Tickets are on sale now and are VERY limited. This is going to be the event of the season that EVERYONE will be talking don't wait!

5. I found this article very very interesting...I'm going to go update my facebook status now:)

4. I've been frustrated a lot lately. Mostly with myself.

3. Ok so my friend Jana over at Twig has started this series on her blog called "Things Bloggers Do". You need to go read them, because they are funny, what makes them so funny? They are true. Plus since she is a WAAAAYY better blogger than myself she is hosting a pretty sweet 50.00 from Antro sweet.

2. Fall makes me highly introspective. So I'm going to leave you with something to chew on..

1. "People watch what you do more than they listen to what you say." Seth Godin


Random Thoughts said…
I am frustrated with myself also. I wish I was who I want to be and not stuck with who I am. Thanks for a great list, as always! Have a wonderful trip. Blessings friend!
Beth E-R said…
Can't wait to hear about all the swell events at Creative Connection AND Junk Bonanza. It sounds like a fantastic time! Especially with your special travelmates.
.Twig. said…
Just read your Creative Connection post and then this one...I have been thinking lots about bouncing around from venture to venture, wondering if I'll ever truly be settled in one...and then I reminded myself that blogging is the only thing I've stuck with in years that actually feels right. I am happy with the markets, happy with all you new people I've met, and I'm going to take your advice and just live in that. Thanks girlie girl :) Can't wait for October!!!

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