Coming soon to a theater near you.

My car was broken into on Saturday afternoon..sigh.

I would be totally lying to you if I said I did not wake up in a bad mood on Sunday. Really I should not say bad mood, more like feeling a little down, maybe just a touch overwhelmed.

I made the mistake of looking over our insurance stuff and (i think) realizing that none of the my equipment that was stolen is going to be covered. Along with a pretty high deductible for the window, hours spent vacuuming safety glass out of my van and waking up with about a gazillion little superficial cuts all over my hands from trying to get the above mentioned safety glass out of the van.

So I started to clean..Zach and I were both anxious, he said he felt like "Everything is unraveling, fast." Me too. Being two people of the mind-set..always stay calm..ALWAYS, its a little surprising for us to both be rattled.

I clean when feel out of control, really it does not put anything back into control it just makes me feel like I'm doing SOMETHING..especially when what I'm really anxious about is totally one hundred percent out of my hands.

I was in my office..STACKS of papers everywhere..just a mess. I came across this picture.

This is my daughters class at school (only my daughter is showing..I did not have permission to post all the other kiddos).

Her class raised almost 7 THOUSAND Kenyan shillings for the school in Kitui. They are so excited. So proud of themselves..and they should be.

In fact, all that money (in American) was sitting on the floor of my car, in a CLEAR plastic Ziploc bag (super safe..right??).

The thief missed it. It was still there..under all that safety glass.

Suddenly things did not seem so out of control. No, in fact it seemed like everything was going to be just fine. If God has taken care of me up to this point, why would he stop now?

Some days my life feels like a movie.. (with Angelina Jolie playing Amber, the super sexy Mom of twins)

The best part about my movie is that it's not even over yet.
No, it's just getting started.
I'm hoping this is the low point (you know when all seems a loss)
(ok..that might sound a wee bit over's late..I'm tired)

The best part about the Amber movie??

My happy ending is going to be EPIC.


tinkerverve said…
Life has a way of reminding us that the 'bigger picture' isn't quite as bad as what is right in front of us. I'm often so grateful for that 'bigger picture'!
Blockbuster, Baby! So happy that the money from those darling kids was spared.
Sorry about your car! So grateful they didn't see the money! What amazing kids! Sometimes I think the little ones see what's important before we do!


Glad & Celia
Meg said…
Amazing that the money was still there and we know those kids will reap the reward that they have sown.
The big picture is sometimes so hard to see in the moment of crisis isn't it. Great post. Blessings Meg
Charity Watts said…
OK...could Megan Fox play my part, the super sexy great friend???? :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
Have I ever told you I'm glad I am part of the "Amber" movie?

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