The List...and happy soggy Sunday to you all!

If I close my eyes and click my heals 3 times can this be home?? Seriously..after a LONG weekend full of rain..I'm so, so, sooooo ready for some outdoor entertaining and warm breezes. Summer, please hurry. (via)

10. Why is it that 7-8-9 year old boys ALWAYS tear holes in the knees of their jeans?? Remember Tough Skin jeans by Sears?? That was a little bit of a "jeanius" idea. (hahaha I crack myself UP!)

9. Last night I heard the frogs...that means spring is coming!

8. Food prices..SHEEESH. Killing me. Two words.. MEAL PLAN.

7. Interesting article from the NYT talking about the days of blogging being on the decline. I totally agree. 4 Amberisms on the subject.
-TMI No I'm not talking about the blog that is abundant in personal info, but rather there are now so many blogs, with so many different subjects that it all gets a little overwhelming.
-Why sit and read a 10 minute post when you can be a friend on facebook and find everything out in one status update.
-Twitter (like facebook) is like an ongoing blog.. Heck, you can track peoples bathroom habits via twitter.
-Time..we are so busy staying connected via social sites we don't have time to read about why Amber loves Justin Beiber now. (umm soo your loss)(I jest..I jest)(ok only a little)(narcissism)

(Bonus Amberism--this is one of the reasons that it is more important than ever to be authentic in your blog)

6. MUST SEE THIS MOVIE!!! Can. Not. Wait.

5. I have not slept in days, I'm pretty sure this is going to be a running pattern until I leave.

4. Freshman orientation with Twins A & B... Too much to handle. Stop growing NOW.

3. Is it not so weird to watch a natural disaster live on TV?.

2. My entire being is unsettled.

1. 5 Days...OMGOSH.

And I'm going to leave you with a little bonus this week..don't say I never do anything for you:)


Sheila said…
I have a 7 year old and a 5 year old. Both boys. Many holes in jeans. Arggg!

This morning's sermon was on Psalm 90 and how we need to remember how big God is and how small we are.

I love blogs! I hope they don't go away.
tinkerverve said…
It's OK that you like JB...I'll admit that I actually really liked PlusOne...It's just one of those mom-things that we do!
Enjoy It, Love It, Embrace It...for this too shall pass!

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