My heart is all a flutter.

One part of me is beyond belief..the other part is scared out of my mind.

To say that I've been neurotic these past few days..umm understatement.
(oh and a quick little thanks to all my besties and family that have been putting up with above mentioned neurotic-ness)

I'm packed, schedules are written, kiddos are set, house is clean, family and friends are waiting on speed dial for Zach's call. After months of prep, it's go time.

For the next 12 days I will not have access to running water, power, an actual flushing toilet, my iphone or mac. I will experience life how most of the world experiences life..very raw.

I. So. Can't. Wait.

I fully expect to come back changed.

Zach thinks I'm going to stop shaving my legs and picket the opera.

I covet your thoughts and prayers for myself and mi familia as well.

Frankly, I think I'm going to need all the help I can get:)



Beth E-R said…
I am sure you will have an incredible and inspiring adventure in Kenya. You are an incredible and inspiring person to be sharing your time and resources this way!
jeff said…
Change begins with me...embrace it!
GardenGirl said…
bless you on your amazing adventure.

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