Laughter (it's good medicine)

My last few posts have been HEAVY..seriously!! I woke up this morning feeling a little light hearted so my post needs to reflect that.

Not all of my time in Kenya was so serious and thought provoking, no in true Amber form we had lots of laughs..

Like for instance...

Yes peeps this is a pic of the indoor potty. It took a few days for me to get a system down, there were a few near death experiences..but by the end of the week I was squatting like a champ thankyouverymuch.

My shower. You know, us humans are pretty dang good at adapting to our surroundings. The first few days there might have been a few tears shed while I was doing my bathing..but by Friday night I was a CHAMP at the sponge bath..a CHAMP I tell you!!

Ahh Nina got MANY marriage proposals after they saw how hard of a worker she was..good girl!! I'm pretty surprised she did not come home with a husband..or two:)

Me getting this close to a monkey for a photo..I HATE monkeys!! My camera was my shield, oh I hate em!

Lastly (hardly least!) me gasping/closing my eyes/grabbing the dash board/reciting the 23rd Psalm (though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death) as I rode in the front seat of a Matatu..a Kenyan bus.

This is the way most Kenyan's get SCARY. At times we were easily going over 100 mph on hair pin turns..The driver (and his buddy) thought I was OH SO funny with my mini freak out session in the front seat..and when I asked to go and sit in the back again..would they stop and let me?? OH NOOOOO they thought I was too amusing to let go.

Can only use the shoulder to pass?? No problem!! (um notice we are THREE abreast here??!!)

Hope they get their absentee ballot in on time! (ooh and notice the girl with the camera in the rear view mirror??)

Catching a ride with some scrap metal..why not!

HAHAHAHAHA..yes I almost killed you like 5 times..but hey you were sure SEXY when you shrieked like that..hahahahaha.

But I did snag this beauty of a I guess that made it all worth the ride..right??


Hang to your hat, sister! I love the sarong. What beautiful people...inspiring!
Valerie said…
The toilet... well, they had one like that in PARIS! (I saw it on the day you were on your own.) That you actually used it; well, I applaud you!
Beth E-R said…
I am loving, really loving, all the details of your Kenyan adventure. Keep them coming please!
Wendy B said…
Beautiful as always!
Anonymous said…
p.s. welcome to Summit ought to look pretty good to you this time!
You are hilarious.

Your trip sounds and looks wonderful. There has been a few times I have been faced with the same heart changing experiences...for me it has helped me be more tolerant to everyones crazies! :)

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