The List...

We had a little fun here at Roosevelt House..every once in a while, I'm known to be cool..

Even Mona got into the action..crazy girl.

10. Spring is such a time of renewal and reflection for me. It's almost like I'm seeing my real self for the first time in months. Some years I like what I see, some I don't. This year the jury is still out..but I gotta tell ya, I'm anxious and excited for the next season in my life..It's pretty amazing how much perspective and growth just 365 days can give you.

9. When I first came home from Kenya, I told Zach that I did not think I would be able to take a trip like that again, the reality of it was maybe just a little bit too..well...real. Then I watched this video and I forgot about the hard parts and remembered the good. It made me happy that this video made my pulse race, I thought maybe that part of me had died, I'm happy to say that its still alive, kicking and looking for a sponsor:)

Help-Portrait. End of the Earth from Sasha Leahovcenco on Vimeo.

8. MOMMY MONDAYS!! Next Monday!! They are starting! It will be my third year of posting mothers stories and I'm soooo super excited about the interviews I'm working on this year. Yay!

7. My sister got 55 bottles of FREE shampoo with her whole extreme coupon gig..she is going to have really clean hair for a really long time.

6. Last week I had a quiet week. It was good for me. I needed to shut everything out for a bit.

5. I had this conversation a few nights ago about being the bigger person..somedays it's really hard to do. Have you ever had those moments when you just want to go all flipping POSTAL on just say ENOUGH with the being nice, walking away, rising above..blah, blah, blah..

4. One spring trend that I'm super bummed about?? Wedges..I can't wear them, like EVER. All the cool kids have em this year..does that mean I'm not going to be cool??

3. Besides yard work, what about other spring projects?? I'm hoping to get my bedroom and bathroom painted really soon. Yay for spring cleaning and spring projects!! It's time to PURGE!!

2. When I'm in the garden, I just can't help but think of all the correlation's to real life that are held in that soil, it's no wonder Jesus used plants and gardening to tell so many stories in the New Testament.

1. Umm if the sun does not come out for good really soon, I'm loading up the suitcase with nonsense paper backs and a swim suit and heading off to a tropical think I jest people..oh I'm serious.


GardenGirl said…
I knew it! you'll be planning your next trip've gone through the looking glass. And WHY won't we see you here in Snohomish at the Market? ;( I'm going back to Romania in September and bringing my spouse this time. He'll see for the first time where our beautiful daughter was born. Let us know where you'll be going next ;)
Beth E-R said…
Of all the more meaningful issues in your list, I'm drawn to comment on the Wedges. Shallow me. But after seeing Andrea sporting a darling pair at her Curious Nest shop, I'm ready to try a pair on for a test drive. I will draw the line at wood heels though!
Beth E-R said…
My word verification for my last comment was bless. How perfect.
Anonymous said…
I am the same way when I work in the garden. SO many things relate to LIFE!
I'm reading a book about the first missionaries to go to a part of Tibet...makes me want to go to Tibet. Such bravery though...but SUCH beauty!

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