The List..Kenyan style.

Every night in Kenya I pulled out my journal and started making lists, it obviously is the way I communicate:)
I thought I would share my top ten BEST things I listed out while I was on my trip.

Oh and I have to include a few pictures as well (of course!).

Sorting the peas for dinner.

10. On the 4th day I was awaken around 4 am to the sound of President Obama on the totally threw me for a loop! I did not know where I was! Was I home?? It was this massive surreal moment, here I am in Kenya but listening to my president.

9. Kenyan's LOVE Obama! Many times over the course of our visit after people found out I was from the US, they would say..
"Obama!" One guy asked to come back with me to meet him..hmmm. Our driver on my last day in Niarobi told me him and Barry were from the same tribe.

8. They threw us a little welcoming ceremony when we first arrived in totally overwhelmed me. First time I cried.

7. On Tuesday we saw a woman carrying her dying child to the clinic. It has been about 3 weeks since I have been home and I seriously have not gone one day without thinking about that woman. That must have been the longest walk ever.

6. The tea they served was really more like warm milk and sugar with a little tea thrown in. I wonder how they all have such nice teeth.

5. The children all know how to sing 3 part from birth. It's amazing and absolutely beautiful.

4. There was one day when everyone we met give us a LIVE chicken..that was a pretty funny day.

3. There was only one time I thought I was going to vomit from the food (mostly the food was good!). It was the night I was served the spine of the goat. Just a little too much for me to take.

2. I wrote this.."I've never been so dirty in my entire life".

1. And the thing I wrote over and over and over again??

"I don't like being looked at." "I don't like being stared at." " Everything I do everyone, is watching me."

Over and over again..I totally did not realize that I wrote it that much, but obviously it made me pretty uncomfortable.

P.S. Last tear jerking Kenyan post to come this week.

P.P.S I sure used a lot of exclamation points in this post (!!!)

P.P.P.S Did you know that Tres Birds photography is hosting like the most KILLER AWESOME contest EVER?? Check it out here!!


Heather Simon said…
You CAN'T already be down to the last tear jerking Kenya story can you? I am on the edge of my seat waiting for the next one, and the next one and the next one.....
Beth E-R said…
You have a true gift with telling your story through the pictures you took - especially of the children. It shows in their faces how much they cared about you.
So happy for 'the list'...but sad that the stories will be coming to an end. But that is the beauty of stories and experiences...they never leave us.

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