iphone summer

A condensed version of the Strehle summer 2011 via my iphone.

(it's a little bit better than sitting through a slide show of vacation photo's..just a little)

Bragging on my children part...

Twin A & B..totally ROCKED the academic awards at school..so dang proud of those boys. They get all the smart parts from their Dad..oh and the dashing good looks part too.

Si's team takes 1st place in flag football...then we take the next big step...

Tackle..yes we are those people now. Si made Panther Red and starting August 1st life has pretty much revolved around football.

My sweet girl is invited to practice with a local select softball team..we accept..she has the time of her life.

The part where my really good friend moves away from Washington (and I just might have shed a tear or 10), in her 6 (or was it 8??) years of living here she had never been to the space needle..so we fixed that part...

We even were nice and brought the kids..they were super excited about it.

Then there was the multiple road trip part..we drove all over this summer..it was awesome...

My feet..some where in Wyoming.

Nebraska farmland.

Kinda self explanatory..

Amazing Veteran's cemetery in South Dakota. There were memorials from the Spanish-American war. We could have spent days there..

No self respecting Strehle can go to Nebraska and not pay a visit to Husker Stadium.

Cool museum in Nebraska.

He thought I was Jane.


Then there was the beach, babysitting and berry picking part..

Nothing says summer like falling asleep smelling like a camp fire..

Coffee and coco with my sweet girl.

My favorite bruschetta recipe..found here...yum. (I tweak it a lot)

I had an AMAZING summer..so thankful for mi familia, my husband and all the good peeps in my life.
Sometimes life is just good, not for any special reason other than to be breathing and taking in every single moment we can.

We have been having an amazing fall..it has been a little bit of perfection all rolled up into yellowy grasses and cool mornings...love this time of year.

Enjoy your week sweet readers!


Auntie Joy said…
Go away fall I want summer to stay longer....
Why can't it be so??
Charity Watts said…
:) :) :) The Strehle's ROCK at live'n life!
Anonymous said…
I love your family, friend - cherish these hectic days.

btw-I'm really digging the 'feet' pic! :)
SeaWorthy said…
my heart runs amok over sweet family photos like these!
Heading your way tomorrow, sister..

Lauren said…
Love this post... I laughed very loud at Jaycee's face - some things never change :)

I love the pic of Sis holding baby maddy. Reminds me of me!

All in all, I could never get board looking at pics of the Strehle fam (that sounds a tad stalkerish)
What a fabulous summer.

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