Plan B, or C..D?..E?

This picture has nothing to do with plans..but I like it..and I should stop being lazy and post my own images:)

Sexiest jogger in all the land husband and I had a pretty air tight plan. We thought we had it all under control.

We had been married a whopping 9 months, just purchased our first little nest and were happily on our way down the dual income no kids way of life road.

We had given ourselves 5 years to start a family, we were going to go to school (me), work like mad, (him and me) pay down the place, and live the generally blissful life of newly weds with extra cash and no kiddos.

Then one day I felt funny, and the next day I felt funny again, then I remembered that I should have had that monthly visitor..and she had failed to show for a long was a little like when you're waiting for the UPS man to come and the doorbell rings, but it's just the neighbor you're all disappointed..cuz you really wanted that necklace you ordered from ETSY.

I was 21, sexiest jogger husband in all the land did not even have chest hair, because he was only 20. In just a few short weeks we would see not one wee Strehle on the screen..but DOS (that's two in spanish) (I like to use spanish numbers, it makes me sound smart.).

Yup, parents of twins, us barely grown ourselves...

We went from our 5 year plan to the.. "WHAT THE $%#$%$#%!!!" plan. Do you know the one??
Today I was thinking about how life never really seems to go according to our plan. Mostly this is ok, somedays it's a tad bit overwhelming.

Just a few years after our many attempts at "planning" (hahahahhahahahhahahhahahahahaha). I have come to realize that while planning is good, and we should not just float through life with zero direction..

Plans should be held loosely...

I'm begining to think that where my life seems to be lived, is in the spaces between plans. Like I make plans..they go all wonky..then I start to plan again..mostly never really reaching the point I had planned so hard for. It's a funny little cycle I find myself in.

If I hold too tightly to the things I thought should be, then I will miss out on all the things that are actually taking place right this very moment.

My plan did not include my now 14 yr old twins, but thankfully my Maker's plan did.

I'm trying (ok, like those 3 weeks of the month that I'm stable) to sit in a place of contentment of knowing there is a MUCH bigger plan at work..

a better plan for me..

in fact, a perfect plan for me.


tinkerverve said…
so glad you were taken by surprise 15 years ago...I remember that night almost 15 years ago when you told the family {was that the first time we met?}
God really does have an amazing plan for all his children. Living in the moment and to trust is much more interesting way to live our thinking our two daughters were growing up... our family done when our son came's full of surprises.
I'm happy you can say YES to life and give it the respect it deserves!
xo Glad

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