The List..

Back to school....


6th grade and 3rd grade.

10. I remember when it seemed like it took forever for a month to go by. Now it seems like YEARS go by crazy fast. This must be what it feels like to get old..or gain wisdom.. yes, I like the sound of that better.. thankyouverymuch.

9. You would think with the kiddos back to school life might slow down just a bit...

8. The Strehle's are rocking the school year so far. I just feel so dang blessed with this area of our far, so good. (did I just jinx myself by typing that??) (of course I did) (stay tuned for an overdramatic post about my childrens school..coming soon)

7. Major life lesson #3449587034587324597834..... When my kiddos struggle in any sort of sporting activity, it really just about kills me. Seriously. I'm not sure why I take it so personally, but I do. I'm stinking ridiculous and I know it.

6. What an amazing fall this has been!! Last night when I was on my way home it was still 73 degrees out!!! YAY!!!!! I know this is God's little gift after summer totally bombed.. and of course it does make me wonder what kind of a winter we are going to have.. I hear it's going to be a bit of a nasty one so I'm counting the good days while we still have em:)

5. This week I tweeted something along the lines of this.."I'm beginning to think that those of us who are bad spellers and tend toward faux pas' should not be allowed to use social media" It's like all the worst parts about me are laid bare every time I tweet. Or worse..the misspelled status update!! HORROR!!!! I can't for the love of pete get it right!!!!!! In my personal daily life I'm always putting my foot in my mouth..or not taking my turn..misquoting..misuse of really cool and big words.. now I do it in my social media life as well.. awesome..oh yes I'm so awesome like that.

4. If you have been a blog reader for some time you will know how much I LOATHE Halloween. I really think fall would be so much prettier without too much sugar and horror movie costumes.

3. I had lunch this week with a fellow creative. was pretty powerful. I so so so needed it. It was like a recharge to my creative battery. There are certain parts of this funny crazy creative life we lead that not everyone "gets". Being with a person in a place of safety and no competition is flipping RARE I tell ya! I need more of that in my life.. it needs to become a goal.. a purposeful decision to PHYSICALLY (not just fb/blogging) to foster a few more of those relationships. It's kinda like the first time I ate Nutella..and from that moment on knew I could never live without it again.. yup peeps, it's just that good.

2. Do you ever find it hard not to become jaded??

1. I've been in a time of (quiet) reflection and growth.. I'm starting to feel that itch of moving forward..

"In every time there is a season, and a time to every purpose under heaven."

Before it was a song, it was in Ecclesiastes 3.

Have a wonderful weekend sweet reader!


I am constantly mispelling words and ptting my foot in my mouth but I just wouldn't be me if I stopped, so I won't.
Have a wonderful weekend.
Beth E-R said…
Even though my kids (ages 30 & 32) have been on their own for years, I still take all their life challenges to heart. Thank goodness they both married strong women to be their partners. But this motherhood deal never stops. I'm happy to hear your fall is going so well!

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