The List...Things I'm in love with right this moment.

10. The current blunt bang, frizzy long, generally messy hair thing going on. You have NO idea how well this works with my life. I mean looking like you just rolled out of bed is fashionable???

It's like Christmas morning!

9. The perfect red lipstick. I will hunt you down and pay a sinful amount of money for that little magic tube..just you wait.

Source: via Lisa on Pinterest

8. Menu planning. I have been doing this just a little over 3 years now, it's a HUGE blessing to me (meal planning a blessing?? You Betcha!). I'm never stressed out about what to make for dinner. Our schedules are CRAZY INSANE right now and truthfully if I had the one most dreaded question of the day ("Mom, whats for dinner?") hanging over my head it might just push me over the edge.

Also I found this RAD blog..she has all sorts of fun little down loads for planning..with my oh so favorite meal planning page. Love.

7. People who are honest. (sometimes honesty is not what we think it might be. Like I don't like the honest answer to.."Does my butt look big in these jeans" but the friend/spouse/family member that answers it honestly is truly worth his or her weight in shizzle.)

This is how the cigarette label looked in Kenya. Honest.

Source: None via Rachel on Pinterest

6. My little blogdom community. I can be over-dramatic, intense, narcissitic and generally dumb at times. But it seems like no matter what I always come back my words and my happy little place.

5. My husband. (aka sexiest jogger in all the land)
He's hot, he takes care of me, puts UP with me, is such a good daddy and is my biggest fan.

4. Fall...
Orange, leaves, smell of said leaves, pumpkins, pumpkin flavored EVERYTHING...yummy!, delicious golden light in the evening, light pink foggy defused light in the morning, the feeling of nesting for the winter, the passing of another season, it's like the trees are on FIRE around here, steaming hot coffee in front of cozy warm fires, planning for Thanksgiving!! (my favorite!) and yes, I'm even getting a little excited for Christmas..

3. Painting my fingernails. I'm in love with this right cheap, so relaxing, so adorable. I just wish they lasted longer than 5 minutes without getting chipped..bummer.

2. I'm a little obsessed with oil paintings right now.. I just want to collect and collect. I'm looking for a nice large oil of a ship on rough waters. I grew up with one on our mantel and I'm feeling all nostalgic and want to find one for my mantel..Good thing Ruffles and Rust is coming this weekend!! I'm bound to find a ship painting or two...

1. Monday.
Monday night is currently our family dinner night. It is the one night of the week that all Strehle's are home. I love it. We do high's and lows, eat well (it's kinda like Sunday dinner) play a board game and hit the hay a little early. It's one of those times that are increasingly rare here at Roosevelt House. On Monday night I feel like all is well with the world. It's kinda the best.

0. I'm confessing my undying love for Pinterest. Yes I have fallen hard for yet ANOTHER time sucker web-site that gives me 5 billion ideas if I could just fortheloveofpete walk away from the computer and GO do those 5 billion's like blogging in 2005..only wonder we all have ADHD.


Beth E-R said…
Your list radiates joy. It's a most fun read. It was a treat to see you this afternoon at the R&R show!

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