This past Sunday our Pastor spoke about murder. Of course I sat there all pious thinking to myself..

"oh I'm not a murderer, so I don't really need to pay attention..which is good because I'm sleepy, I need a bit of a nap.."

Then he started talking about murdering people with our words..this made me feel not so sleepy anymore.

Today I thought about the utter power our words hold.

Power to lift up, heal, love, sooth, protect, stir, invoke desire, adoration.

My words effect others. Your words effect others.

More importantly..

What effect do our words have on others??

Where there are words of love, there are also words of hate, slander and malice. Once these words are spoken, they are not soon forgotten, the impact is long lasting, sometimes it is even handed down from generation to generation.

It seems like maybe we have forgotten how powerful we are when we speak. I'm not saying this in some narcissistic way, like "Oh I'm soo awesome when I talk!" no I'm saying it like, "Do I realize that I can ruin a life by speaking mean words?" kind of way.


I have witnessed too much meanness lately. Just down right dirty meanness. Words spoken with only one single intent.


Maybe not in a literal sense, but in a hurtful, devastating, lasting effect kind of way.

Once these words have been spoken they invoke the same type of words in response..the effect is ugly and rarely leads to any sort of reconciliation or forward movement.. no they just hurt.

Truthfully dear reader I'm not even sure why I'm blogging this..not sure why I needed to share..this has been weighing heavy on my heart all week long and I guess I needed to blog it off my chest..

I also know that I need to tread lightly, keep myself in check better, be more diligent about my OWN words..because really those are the only words I'm responsible for. (I wish I could fix others mean words) I have to ask myself, what harm have I caused with my own sassy mouth?? (that is a rhetorical question..meaning no I don't need an answer..thankyouverymuch)

I only have just this one life (really that is all I can take). I plan on squeezing everylastsinglebreath out of it, I don't want my breaths to be remembered as mean words.

No, I'm choosing life giving words, words that lift the spirit, words that comfort, words of love and grace.

The best kind of words.


GardenGirl said…
remember sticks and stones may break my bones, but words can never hurt me? words can kill the spirit, and worse. I have a quote on my wall that says. "the world will judge us harshly enough, let us at least be gentle with each other."

well said amber.
SeaWorthy said…
....if you dont have anything nice to say..dont say anything at all..is a good one to live by, too.

great post, tres birds..I love this blogs for reasons too many to type..
Beth E-R said…
"words of love and grace" - your words with a powerful message. Thanks for articulating this thought so well.

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