From the road..We are in Cali!!

I'm tired, we woke up this morning around ooohh 3am and I fell asleep around 11:45pm so as of right now I'm running on about 3 hours of very restless sleep, AND the Holiday Inn we are staying at is well..a little shady, BUT for the most part I can't complain today has gone very well.
The kids have all behaved very well!
We pulled out around 4:30am, stopped in Lake Havasu and had breakfast around 9ish. I got some great pic's...the London Bridge (the real one actually from London) was purchased by Lake Havasu city in 62 and moved here piece by piece.
Tomorrow we head to San Fran with a stop at the Golden Gate bridge and Fisherman's Wharf..should be fun.

The MOST important thing is.. Zach spotted a Starbucks right up the road from this barrio we are in..I guess it can't be too bad:)


Miss Charity said…
Way to go Zach...gotta give those guys a little pat-on-the-back sometimes :-) Glad to hear you guys are having a great trip! Can't wait to see everyone!
Wendy Girl said…
O I am excited. I am going to be thinking about this all day. Where are Amber and the kids right now?
tinkerverve said…
Very fun pics and nice update on the road trip. I love the bridge. Isn't it always a drag when you spend so much on a hotel room only to use it so little.
I am very excited about your visit! In the pictures it looks like the kids have grown just since I've seen you last. I am so excited that you found a church home, your friends there are blessed to have gotten to know your family. And if anyone can do well and have an impact in a large church, you guys can, I think it is great! When we come visit, we would love to visit Cornerstone, who knows if we like it well enough maybe we will just head South! ;)

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