One year later...

When I booked my trip home for Farm Chicks I did not realize it came on the 1 year anniversary of our move.
As we were rolling down the runway getting ready to take off back to to AZ last night, the clouds parted and the sun finally broke through, it was a beautiful sight. The moment Seattleish type folks wait for all spring..throw off the parka's and wool socks and head out of doors.
On the flight in a older gentleman next to me said "The sky in Washington is the bluest I've ever seen..for those 6 weeks out of the year.":)

How do I feel one year later? I feel good. I have always been a sink or swim type person, pull up the big girl panties and move pretty much how I plow along. This time I was surprised as to how hard it was to pull up those panties. It was a hard adjustment for small town Amber and family, but I feel like we have made it through the worst and are coming out the other side. Would I want to do it over?
No, not particularly, but I'm glad God chose to pluck us out of our comfort and I see his hand in my new life everyday. Washington will always be home and one day I hope to return, but I'm very excited to experience the "in-between".
So here's to my first year here in AZ, a year of many firsts and hopefully many more firsts to come.


Wendy Girl said…
I give you so much credit.
I dont know if I could do it.
I guess I still havent figured how to pull them up myself. Well maybe someday. Till then. Who knows...
I am glad you had fun.
Anonymous said…
Happy Anniversary! I for one am glad you're here in AZ. Just don't pull too hard on the panties if you're wearing a thong. ao
Miss Charity said…
You look gorgeous! I love the light wear it well :-) Oh...I so wish I could have went with you gals...but I'll just have to plan better for next year, right? I can't wait to see you in July...when will you be here? I'm counting down the days :-)
Lateda said…
Well.. I sure the he** dont have my granny panties pulled up yet over the whole thing.. Forget it.
I still cry with my panties around my ankles.. boo hoo!
But.. Im glad you do:) And I agree with ao! ha! too funny!
tinkerverve said…
So glad it's been a good year and have tried to walk with you through it as much as I could but it is oh, so far! I have mixed emotions about your 'oh-so-fine' adjustment but I'm glad that it's a good one...really I am! loves!

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