The List (a day early)

Ok all of you blog groupies you.. I know you are awaiting the "witty" comments I promised to provide, but you see I'm tired..too much sun, not enough sleep and sore stomach muscles from laughing too hard have worn me out (rough life, I know). So, until the post Mexico fog clears I will give you the list. It never requires much thought or time (cuz I have a ton of laundry to do!)

10. The shoe made it through the boarder crossing just fine, poor guy felt a little violated after the full body search..but he will manage.

9. This was the best find of my trip.

8. She was stone sober when she posed for this picture.

7. So Hil is going to concede on Saturday. Get ready for a very long election season.

6. I'm SOOO over celebrities claiming they are going to move out of the country if.. so and so wins. PLEASE LEAVE!! This country would be better off without you all.

5. I love these guys.

4. Here are two of my three AZ gf's..I had a great time with these ladies this past week. Thanks for the laughs:) 3. People who don't blog do not understand those of us who do. Here are some of my awesome bloggy photo's.

2. The Dish is going to be the big 30 on the 15th..She will never again be able to shop at Forever21. Please remember to give her a shout out.

1. Farm Chicks here I come!! Last time this is what I came home with, the hubby just about died, it was love at first sight for me. (Why was everyone staring) Let see what I can manage to drag home this time:)


Lateda said…
crackin' up!)
This is my favorite blog so far! hello to all the mexico friends! You gals look like you had a FUN time!
Farm Chicks.. here WE come! Im so excited for us to get those *new tatoos! ha!
Miss Charity said…
Yep...I'm totally jealous!! Looks as though everyone had a blast. Of course you would have had more fun if the dish and I were there,lol! I miss you...hope you have fun at Farm thinking of me...*sigh*...I'll be sitting home w/ my wonderful "Clever" Family :-)
Anonymous said…
So glad you had fun. Fun photos. Those guys of your are tooooo handsome! Did you slip in a visit to my handsome boy?
Wendy Girl said…
O man
I am glad he made it back into the states.
And the Mask, O I bet the boys love it..
And I must say, The toes are perfect..
Love YA

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