The List

10. Thank you cookies for Jeff..The husband thought I was totally weird taking pictures of the cookies..he should be used to it by now:)

9. Packing, Packing the well traveled life is not easy and it's not easy on the waist line either..I need to go on a a while..when I get back..for New Years?:)

8. Thursday I received two very sweet and encouraging notes in the mail. They made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside..thanks guys;)

7. So polls already show Obama up by 14 points SHOCKING!! If the media had its way McCain might as well drop out tomorrow.

6. Have you ever noticed how God almost always does the opposite of what we would have done...funny how much NOT in control of our lives we are..don't try and think about that too much, it might hurt your noggin.

5. Right now here in AZ you cannot get cold water out of the tap..I know this sounds crazy for all you Washingtonish people but its true.

4. If you know the husband you will appreciate this... if you look close you will notice pictured below is our itinerary for "Strehle Road Trip 2008". Yes he has even graciously scheduled us 30 minutes of potty breaks per day. Along with scheduling lunch stops, sight seeing stops, total gas cost (its cheaper than flying..barely) and of course how many miles we must travel per day to accomplish our arrival date of the 3rd. Let me ask you..WHO ARE THE TYPE OF PEOPLE WHO DO THIS??
Well apparently they are the husband and even though I have questioned it a few times I do love him..go figure:)

3. I know I said this a few weeks ago on my list but as life moves along and the world becomes increasingly unsteady..
I love you all too much to see the pain, it's killing me:(

2.Thanks to the gf's for sending so much comment love to Anna, you all make me swell up with gf pride..your all just so stinking great!!

1. This Wednesday it became official. Cornerstone is our church home. After a year I can truly say we belong (In fact today I got all defensive about big churches!). People are actually going to miss us when we are gone (or at least thats what they told me) and truthfully I'm going to miss them. Apparently spending a week with no electricity in the midst of 200 hundred 5th and 6th graders creates a tight bond, who would have thought:)

I'm still enjoying this awesome camera!! Yeah!


Life's Delish said…
As I said before only a man! But we love them! And yes you do have great friends! Your camera is pretty great! ( I'm not jealous!)
Anonymous said…
GO ZACH! Who's cute kids are they..could it be my bella and si si!

so excited to see

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