The List

Big week..I'm feeling a little introverted and a little introspective. Which is going to be a trip since I'm getting ready to go camp with 80 5th and 6th graders..go figure.

10. When do we stop crying?? When will it stop being hard to leave Washington?

9. Cindy McCain..she really FREAKS me out. She looks like an Arizonan robot women, her eyes just might pop out of her fake smile head at any minute. I'm sure she is a nice lady and I feel bad posting this..but she makes me nervous.

8. It was so nice and weird at the same time to hang out with The Dish all by kids, no husbands, no other gf's..crazy I think we might really be growing up.

7. Farm Chicks was great!! A total head trip, I'm thinking that Anna and I need to locate some crafty/cute/fun/smart women and get a sale started here. How bout it??

6. Miss Elaine is doing a give-away on her blog..GO and comment she makes some pretty fab stuff and you could win it and thank me later by bringing me Starbucks..or something like that:)

5. This came in the mail today.. I'm totally FREAKING OUT!! Seriously you know all those blogs with the pictures you drool over and think I could never get a picture like that..well this is the if I could only figure out how to use the dumb thing..

I took this picture without even trying..look how wonderful it turned out. I think I might pee my pants I'm soo excited right now!! Yipee! A big thanks to my Aunt and Uncle!!

4. I'm gone all next phone, no wi-fi, no texting and worst of blogging. It's like a mini detox for me. I'm very excited for camp. Can't wait to be in the trees with some fresh air.

3. I checked out 4 fiction books from the library this week. I don't read fiction very often, but a week with no electronics totally warrants 4 books. I'm already half through with one, it will be a good week away.

2. I do have to give my husband and two AZ gf's a shout out for taking care of the kiddos while I was at Farm Chicks. You all made a very fun trip even better, without you the trip would not have been possible. Of course Zach had the house clean the kiddos smiling when I returned..what a great guy I have:)

1. I'm very proud of the sis..she has been invited to a really great sale this coming summer AND she has been asked to make a ton of cupcakes for a different sale this summer AND did I mention she has 5 kids AND keeps her house clean AND looks like a surfer model for Roxy?? I hope when she is famous she remembers the "smart" sister..the one WITHOUT the looks;)

Much crafty love to you all..I will "see" you next week!! Wish me luck;)


Wendy Girl said…
1. The camera is fun. I have the same one..2. The chicken picture is amazing.3. Have fun camping. You will do great. Brad says "tell Zach to think about him when hes freaking out on Day 2 of Camping"
Have Fun,
Rock the Smores.
Life's Delish said…
oooh I am jealous of the camera. so excited to see all the great photos! just got back from camping and off you go. let's chat soon!
Anonymous said…
I can't believe I didn't leave a comment of this post! Where's my head????? Actually, I'm waiting for your next post on the sabbatical you just took. Congrats on winning the give-away. Hopefully it's there now (or almost). Welcome back...I've missed you.

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