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Ok.. finally a few minutes to breath...and blog:)

We had a WONDERFUL (too short) visit with The Sister, let me tell you all how absolutely FABULOUS her little place is..sooo cute. She of course as usual was the hostess with the mostess and put on a huge spread of free range T-Bones on the BBQ and various other yummy treats. We stayed up till late with much laughter and 9 (really??) kids running crazy around 4 acres. GREAT TIME!! Thanks sis for your wonderful hospitality and sweet little gifts..I'm lucky to be your sister:)
Ok so we have been here in town for about 2ish days and I need to have a deep convo with all my peeps, (if your not one of "my peeps" you can just skip past this) Every time I come back into town I have guilt..alot of guilt. There is just never enough time in my day (or days) to give you all adequate time, the past few times I know I end up offending at least one of you. With some of you I end up rushing my visit, with some of you I never even get to see, this makes me feel bad..really bad.
Just to give you a little insight into Amber, I'm a pleaser, it's a first born problem. When I lived here it was easy (sometimes) to hang with you all, no time crunch. Now I feel like I need to fit 33 years worth of friendships into 2 weeks, this is not easy and sadly it comes at the expense of my friends feelings which I don't EVER mean to do. So please..forgive me now, I'm trying to make this work and I dearly want to see you all. For most of you (all that read this blog) I'm NOT avoiding you, NOT trying get out of seeing you!! It just simply comes down to time..thats it..no more. I love you all so much and you are all very dear to me, but sadly I'm just one lady and can only do so much in a day.
Please bear with me.

Lastly a shout out to all of you sweet peeps who have made time in your life to come see us in AZ..THANK YOU SO MUCH. One of my friends from AZ was saying how lucky I am to have so many people visit me from WA and it's true, it makes me feel very blessed to have such lasting friendships that distance does not divide. You are all wonderful and I very much appreciate the time AND money it took for you to visit us.
PLUS..there is something very special about getting to spend one on one time with you..no rushing..no other places for me to be. Just good times with great friends, simple stuff that makes life better.

Ok..I promise the next blog will not be so lengthy or downish, I will be back to my usual Amberish self. Love you all;)


Anonymous said…
You need to RELAX at little...besides I'm not at all offended {yet}. ...however, I am feeling A LITTLE guilty! I'll come visit some day {PROMISE}
Miss Charity said…
Love you Amber...you are who you are...and that's why we love you :)
Lauren said…
I'm super excited to see you. I'm coming next week, and will be there all day Thursday (I hope).

I'm crossing my fingers that I'll be able to see all of you!!

ps... did you, by any chance, bring my lovely paris picture?

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