The List

Silas and Connor..cute kids:)
Shad and his Ham
Together again
Gotta love the country

10. I made the most rockin welcome home to me dinner last night, if you really want to impress, call me and I will give you the recipe..too good. Of course I had other reason's to make this dinner, today I start a diet of epic proportions. So if I see/talk to you and am really cranky, please don't take offense, I'm just really hungry.

9. Utah is such a beautiful state. I never expected it to be so pretty.

8. I made the drive in 22 hours, really it was not too bad. We listened to a few books on CD and I chucked food in the back when necessary. I would totally do it again.

7. I have sooo much to do in the next few weeks. Coming back to reality is not always fun..maybe the kids and I could just travel the country and live out of my rockin van for the next year?!?! Talk about a life lesson.

6. I received a clever little flyer in the mail yesterday it said,
"Jesus for President.. advocating for change since 33 a.d."

This made me smile and I cut it out and put it on the fridge. This year politics are more frustrating than ever before..I think I just might do a write in for Jesus.

5. I joined while I was gone. Lori (who should be getting a blog soon!) turned me onto it. I want all the gf's to get signed on. Go check it out and watch the video it's pretty cool and it's free:)

4. A few of the gf's were part of a myspace bible study group I hosted last year. I have a few gf's that want to start another one back up, it was suggested we do one in blog form..who's in?? How it works.. we all buy the same book and go through it chapter by chapter together posting thoughts ect..It's nice, you don't need child-care or even need to get out of your pj's, but in order for it to work we all need to participate!! If enough of us are interested we can do one, if not..that's cool as well:)

3. Swappy Ladies!! Are you ready for a fall swap?? More on that to come very soon.

2. Check out these ladies..they are kinda funny and make really cool stuff.

1. I'm sad that summer is's been crazy/fun/full of adventures. Lot's of memories made, good times had. I went out of the country, traveled to and through 6 different states, made new friends and made some decisions about old ones..I feel like for the first time in a very long time I have lived the past two months to my fullest..and let me tell feels great:)


Wendy Girl said…
I am glad you are home..Not that you are gone. But, I know how wonderful it feels to sleep in your own bed after a long trip.
I am jealous of your travels though. I so wish I could just get in the car and go for a month.
I love the picture of you and Zach. So very Cute..
Lateda said…
awww... girlfriend. I miss you soo much and thanks for the SHOUT out for WILD Whimsy! If only I was so computer savvy:) ha!
See u soon! I cant wait!
Thanks for the comments on our new blog. Hey, I'm new at this blogging thing, I'm trying to make it catchy.
Glad your home safe and sound. It was really nice to see you and get a chance to catch up. Next time I see you your kids will probably be in college or something....I can't believe how fast they are growing.
Miss Charity said… made it! Glad to hear your all safe and sound. Happy to be home, it feels so good doesn't it? I bet Zach is a happy guy right about now. Miss you girl...I can't wait to visit w/ you again. So when is your next available month???? Maybe we could plan a visit???? Let me know, have a great week.
Anderbean said…
I'm so glad you got to see me on your travels! lol. Thanks for sharing some of your time with me. I enjoyed it more than you know. I love all your reflections. If your Bible Study can handle an old woman joining I would love it. Enjoy home.
Anonymous said…
Again...nice pics! Count me in for the BS and Swappy Laidies! I need two more things to do. Actually, the BS is at the top so better hurry up! ;0)
It was so great to be able to see you so much while you were here, even though it is never enough, it was great! And the kids, Oh my goodness, what great kids. I am glad you all made it home when are you coming to visit next? I miss you!

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