Pic's from the road..Summer Fun

Summer Fun
View of Lake Roosevelt..from our camp sight
View from the rents place..so pretty
My Dad

So I'm onto part duex of my trip. I have been at the "rents" since Monday. We have camped for a few of those days and tomorrow we have a rodeo. CRAZY!! I'm hoping to post something besides pics here in the next few days..but don't hold your breath:)


Anonymous said…
Great pics! All of those places look mighty familiar. Looks like your dad has his 'duds' picked out for the big day tomorrow.
Anonymous said…
Beautiful pics...Glad you're having a good time-now come back! KF & I are working on the coffee schedule. We'll have to start w/out you so we'll take notes! So much to discuss!!!ao
Wendy Girl said…
I love Love Love the one of Silas. So cute. I think Moving water makes all pictures really cool. Your getting pretty good with that Camera you know. Maybe thats your little Niche that we were talking about.
Anonymous said…
The pics of the lake are so nice! I can just picture myself there and how awesome it is. Then I come back to reality and now sobbing... Have a great rest of your trip and a safe ride home. I'm a little disappointed w/ Amy, she was going to post her list she made for you... She did forget to add one more, AZ chicks are hotter... get it, hotter!
Lauren said…
I love your camera :)
Lateda said…
awww... Love the pics:)
Miss you already... See you in OCT:)

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