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One cute cowboy:)
Strehle laundry..countrified

American Life

10. It’s been almost two weeks since the husband headed back home, the kids and I miss him.

9. The Dish did very well at her sale, so did Miss Elaine. Good job ladies!! Keep checking this site for updated pics these awesome ladies!!

8. Seeing all of the gf’s here in WA makes me feel like the luckiest girl in the whole wide world. I’m really the most blessed girl around. To have steady gf’s who love me in spite of..well me and STILL want to hang out is really beyond me at times. They inspire me daily with strength, beauty, creativity, love and resolve. I only hope to enrich their lives as much as they have enriched mine.

7. We had sooo much fun camping, thanks Ham.

6. We are actively looking for a dog, does anyone have any ideas?? No I don’t want any lectures, I know all the con’s but I have son who desperately needs an animal of some sort so here we go again.

5. It’s official… I’M GOING TO PARIS!! If you want to check out my actual apartment that I will be staying in click here. If you would like to buy one of my children to help pay for this trip?? Send me an email..I’ll make you a heck of a deal.

4. So I have to give a super duper big shout out to The Dish. Really how many people would open up their home to 6 other people for a whole 12 days. Hmm I wonder why she left early?? No really, it was so very sweet of her and Tracey to let us crash her pad, eat her food and generally complicate their lives for such a long time. Just remember Trisha when I left the house it was super clean!!:)

3. A few of the AZ gf’s have been taking very good care of the husband while I have been gone, dinner, golf, more dinner. Can I just please ask you to try and NOT make me look so bad??? Seriously girls, he better not be expecting all that when I get home, who’s side are you on?? I thought we were friends.

2. About the above mentioned AZ gf’s and a few more.. I have to say that I’m really starting to miss you gals. I’m looking forward to seeing you all. Are any of you at all interested in relocating to say oh.. Washington?

1. Every night when I fall asleep all I can think about is my bed. I have been on the road for 24 days now, I have slept in 7 different places in those 24 days.
I’m stinking tired.


Lateda said…
the house was VERY clean:) Thank you! I miss you like heck!! Just reading this brings a tear to my cheek! And I LOVED having you... ALL I will say is... "Pay backs are a B*tch.. See you in OCTOBER!!! :)
Lateda said…
P.S. Where is the pic. of my FUTURE Rodeo Husband, aka. Pick up man???
I want to see his adorable face.. and you PROMISED me and LIFE size poster! Dont forget!
Miss Charity said…
Same as The Dish...I'm all teary eyed :-( It was such a good visit, I'm glad we got to spend time with all of you. Don't know exactly where you are at this point, but wherever you are, have a safe journey and come back to us soon! Miss you lots already!
Anonymous said…
If you want a very sweet pug, let me know. I work way too much for his liking. He needs excitement. He would have to be indoors in AZ though.
Anonymous said…
9.thx. for the KUDOS
8. this gf (bff) thinks the world of you and yours!...and feels enriched
6.I know of a perfect one that's brown and is about 10 miles from here
5.I'm sending $ with you!
4.I enjoyed the 1 night but missed the Dish completley out!
2.WA is the perfect state!

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