The List..

Families are like fudge-mostly sweet with a few nuts..

10. The sister is coming for a visit this weekend!! Yipee!! I have not seen her in FOREVER and I'm super stoked..many pictures will follow:)I'm most excited to play rock band with her..she does this thing with her voice..and well it's pretty awesome:)

9. Does the news not scare you??

8. My very spontaneous and not pre-approved Ugg boot purchase has been deemed (by powers out of my control) my Valentines day present this year.

7. Note to not purchase boots without prior approval.

6. Miss Elaine and I went and saw, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button this past Sunday while everyone else in America was watching the Super Bowl. I sooo loved this movie!! No I'm not just saying that because Brad Pitt is in it..or even because he is smokin really it's just a super, super good move:)

5. I'm heading over to the "rents" place for Valentines day wear my boots..all alone..

4. Oh I'm funny today:)

3. I'm actually coming up a little short this week for my list..what? Amber has run out of things to say?? The world HAS gone mad. (see..funny!)

2. Truthfully I'm SUPER overwhelmed..REALLY overwhelmed and it's kinda sucking all my listish type stuff out of the noggin.

1. One of my AZ GF BFF's is due to have her BABY this weekend!!! So excited for sad I'm not going to be around:( He will be delivered by C-Section this Saturday, say a little prayer for her and her very sweet family. Congrats to the Femano's!!


tinkerverve said…
Oh, you are funny indeed. Hope you have a wondrous time with your sis...can it possibly as great as spending a weekend with me????? It will be fun to have you over on my side as well.
Anonymous said…
Thanks for the shout out Aimber :) Will talk w/ you later!
Lateda said…
10. Looking foward to tonight! yee haw!
9. Freaks me out!
8. The Uggs saga continues.
7. No... they are great! Dont have buyers remorse!
6. Brad Pitt is dreamy:)I think if I could just MEET him he would ditch Angie and go for me instead!
5.Valentines Day at the rents.. how romantic:)
4. your hilarious
2. Keep your chin up.. its going to get better.. in like a year from now.
1. Congrats to the new mommy! yah! Time for you to go visit:) But, you may NOT come back..... ha!~

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