Angry Abe

I'm sure Silas has now been marked a troubled child in Kindergarten. He brought this home on Monday, I laughed when I saw it..really hard. Then I asked Silas why poor Abe Lincoln was angry, he said that his teacher Ms. S said he could draw ANY face on of course he said,

"any face? even an angry face?"

"Yes, Silas even an angry face."

So here sits angry Abe Lincoln next to my desk. I got to thinking..

No wonder Abe is angry.

When Abe was President there was a brutal war, American against fellow American. People actually believed that one person could OWN another person. Abe died for his belief in this country.

Can I ask you what you think our big problem is now??
Grown men became greedy.
Appraisers over appraised.
Lenders looked the other way and gave loans, when they knew better.
You and I just "really really wanted that trip to Cancun."
I'm confused.

I've always believed know the American dream, you can achieve anything with hard work, no such thing as a free lunch.

Don't get me wrong..I'm hardly perfect..I may not have been on a tropical cruise.. but I have a sweet ass boot collection. BUT here is the difference between us and them..


I'm going to start asking myself..

What would Angry Abe Do??

Make up some bracelets and posters..


Do you wanna buy one?

I guess George is a little hacked off as well...


Lateda said…
HILARIOUS! I love that kid:)
Great post... I think I need some more boots... and a trip to Cancun as well...
Deb said…
Nice post. I'll buy a W.W.A.A.D. bracelet with my bailout money.
Anonymous said…
I love Si's Abe.

p.s. sweet a..??? what????
Amber Rose said…
Ok I knew that saying the word ass in my blog would cause some sorry for the adult content..I needed to make my point..with flair:)
Timi said…
LMAO!!! It's all true!

Good job on the angry Abe. I would have been cranky too!
Wendy Girl said…
Silas rocks..
And Go Amber on the boots.
We all need some kinda Sweet Ass collection...
Johnna Sutton said…
Did you say ass? Can you buy me a sweet ass?

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