The List..

Hammy and Silas:)

Crafty goodness..


10. Amy O'Neill..really I have no reason to mention her name (except she is one of the BEST AZ GF'S) But I thought since I had mentioned the Femano's name in like the last 3 list's she might get jealous:)

9. For the very first time since Zach and I lived in sin in the Mukilteo apartment, Zach would not eat something that I cooked..after a few bites he said, "I'm sorry I can't". Do you know how much of an ego blow this was too me?? (see this is me being very UN-narcissistic)
Seriously I was stunned...if you want the recipe let me know..I loved it:)

8. Had such a great time with The Sister. She really is just about the funniest person I know. We have the same twisted sense of humor, and just for the record we are absolutely lethal together, which is more than likely why God keeps up apart:)

7. Oh I'm soo crafty I have to pinch myself!! Must be all this grey weather..

6. Speaking of grey..The husband is having a hard time adjusting, says something about missing sun everyday..go figure.

5. At some point in my mid twenties I started questioning my paternity. From the above picture do you now see why?? Same father?..whatever.

4. That whole octuplet mom thing..oh that is just about the freakiest thing I have ever seen..totally gives me the willy's..poor crazy lady:(

3. Stinking long week..this means one thing for Amber..
Just a few minutes ago I was talking on the phone with The Dish and shoveling (yes I mean shoveling) chocolate cream pie down my mouth so fast I could hardly taste's been one of those kind of weeks.

2. Every afternoon I have the most perfect light that shines through my living room, it makes me want to take all of my pictures right there.

1. For the first time ever all 4 of my children had to make Valentines day cards..they each have (approx) 30 kids per 30 x 4=
Yes people 120 Valentine 4 teacher gifts and 4 different parties to buy for and help out with..
And you tell me this is a holiday about it's a holiday about being overly tired, burnt out and completely broke.. so no dinner and roses for Mom..and please DON'T even say a word about the boots..
I earned those like 10 times over.
In fact I'm pretty sure I received the wings to go with my halo this week..yes I'm just that good;)


:Lauren said…
If you were just a smidgen closer I would totally babysit for free... That's my second occupation anyway (gratis babysitting) :)
Anonymous said…
YES!!! I finally made it!! I have to call KF to make sure she reads it soon!! BTW,it's still nice here even with the rain. I'll make a few calls to Costco if you want and she what I can arrange. We will always leave room in the group for you to return. So what if there were only 3 of us and now there are 2 and we can't get anyone else to join. Miss you! AO
Random Thoughts said…
I miss you Diane! Maybe you could pass that on. You girls look so beautiful together and I understand the whole paternity thing. I look nothing like any of my 3 sisters and brother. Never have. I thought I was switched at birth until I saw a picture of some second cousins that wer identical twins and we could have been triplets. Weird!

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