My picture form

Manna from heaven
Craft time
My Saturday morning score!! LOVE the swap meet!! did that get there?


Life's Delish said…
I'm getting a little jealous of all the crafting...keep rubbing it in that you have crafty friends in a crafty city:)! Countdown starting....excited!
tinkerverve said…
Nice job with the crop of pic #4.

Thanks again for the fun, relaxing weekend. I'm already looking forward to the next time.
Lateda said…
Yummy, Cutey, Fun filled, Crafty, and complete Goodness!!
Now onward to the festivities of this weekend! Whoot Whoot!
Lookin' foward to it!
Miss Charity said…
Your "Tinkerverve" doll is soooo cute, great job...miss "I'm not crafty" whatever! We need to get busy on our Valentines crafty thingy whatever that may be :) Oh yeah...nice bust!
Anonymous said…
I always look forward to your photos :) I liked the coffee shot best - yummo

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