Tyranny of the Urgent..

"Your greatest danger is letting the urgent things crowd out the important."

Do you ever wake up in the morning feeling this way? At times I'm sure you go to bed feeling this way as well, which of course always leads to a very restful night of sleep...ha!
Before we moved home I made myself this deal (ok first mistake).
One of my "moving away" revalations was about the people I had taken for granted. Meaning I have a certain set of friends, (the superduper special ones..you know who you are) that I love soo very much I don't talk to them much.
These friends are soo special that I would have to work my very hardest at offending them, really no matter what I do I can't shake em, even if I wanted too.
So since they are just so awesome I don't worry too much about em..they are the kind of friends that are rarely urgent, but always important.
Now here I am, a month and a few days (that long already!!) into my return, my time for second chances, my time to make sure all of you out there who I value most, know it, and I'm falling very short..again.
What about my deal??
Hmm funny thing happened, life got urgent.
I've been waking up thinking, ok this will be the day when it finally calms down again, when my life takes on it's normal pace once more.
Then another day goes by filled with the urgent, the type of things that if I left tomorrow not one person would really miss. I know this all too well, because now I have "left tomorrow" and deep down know what is eternally important and what is not.
So here is a blog post to all of my important people.
I'm sorry for falling victim to the urgent, for not making you a priority.
Please be patient..I guess I'm a slow learner.


Anonymous said…
Thank you for setting one sweet, relaxing, fun and enjoyable weekend aside for little ole' me! :-)

...or should I be offended that maybe I'm not one of those special ones because you DID spend some time with me? MMMMmmmmm.....
Deb said…
Good word. It is actually something I have been thinking about a lot lately, both as it relates to friends and to my relationship with God.
Timi said…
It happens! I have these thoughts everyday. Where does the day go and why didn't I do that?

Things will get back to "normal" :-)
Miss Charity said…
Love ya Ambo...your one of a kind :)
Johnna Sutton said…
smoke a joint so you can quit thinking for a minute. oh I mean, you have such great insight and wisdom. I really don't want you to do drugs!
Lauren said…
Have you read 'Tyranny of the Urgent'? I found your title ironic, since we just read it in the internship...

Its so true though. The important things always seem to get crowded out by the all to urgent every day occurrences. That's the way of life though.

Oh to be skilled in the ways of time management!
Wendy Girl said…
Worry Wart...
Those who matter, dont mind.
And those who mind, Dont Matter...

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