The List..

We took a little drive when we were sick to see pretty!!

10. Aaahh sun!! It's been so wonderful to get a little color on my face and arms!! Now if it would only stay..wishful thinking:(

9. Isabelle had her first game on Monday, I'm pretty sure I was more nervous than her:)

8. So the worst flu ever is finally vacating the premises..THANK GOD!! Talk about the most wretched week in recent Strehle history, and to have it fall during spring break. It was like Lord of the Flies around here..scary business.

7. Zach bought me a flash for my camera off of craigslist this past weekend. Can I tell you how awesome it is..and how awesome HE is;)

6. So whatcha doing for Easter this year??

5. Have you heard the news?? Zach's store is closing down..hmm what does this mean for the Strehle family?? Not so sure yet.
I think I'm going to hold a vote..
I could pick from the top three..
You know they are opening a Costco in Southern France..that gets my vote;)

4. I have to apologize to you my fellow bloggers..I have let you down..
I received a text from Amy last week (I was beyond sick, sorry I did not respond) it went something like this.."So Amber what ever happened to the 30 days of nothing?" Yeah Amber whatever happened to that?? Here I get on the blog and profess that we (all 10 of us) should do this..and then I totally bail. I have only one lame excuse..moving. I was totally planning on hitting that in February..then February came and went. Now we are in April. Sorry guys I need to regroup..

3. So my longing for a home of my own is going into double time. It's been too long now, I'm ready. This whole renting and moving every couple of months thing is way overrated!! It was easier for me to do in AZ, there was no chance of a garden or green yard there..but here..the yard calls to me, the vision of green veggies and a bumper dahlia crop haunt me. I'm longing once again to paint..create a home.
But given #5, this just might have to wait..Only God knows and for now I need to be ok with that.

2. Man this is a deep list. I just have too much to talk about with you all:)

1. Swappy Ladies!!!
Here's the 411..
Be looking for a post hopefully by the end of the week.
The spring theme this year is...Fabulously Floral..I mean it is SPRING after all.
I'm thinking it's going to be in the same spirit of something vintagy and something homemade.
Be looking ladies!!


Anonymous said…
Zach's store is closing? ...and I'm finding out about it through your blog???? what's wrong with this picture? Blogs aren't for communicating vital...OK, maybe not vital, but important information to close friend!

I have a great idea - if Z becomes unemployed you can move here to the Valley and we can share a cow. That's my dream, you know.
Mrs. A said…
Hey Amber,
I vote for Southern France too! Gorgeous! Did you ever watch the Gilmore Girls? There is a hilarious episode where Lorelai is learning to speak French. Basically, speaking English with a really heavy French accent-it was funny, probably had to be there. Mya
Anonymous said…
I totally understand about the not responding. Kind of a crappy week for you, huh?!!

So you have to move...You know what my vote is so I don't even have to say it. Did you know that we moved 3 times in a 12 month period in 02-03? Not fun. I feel your pain. Hope it all gets figured out soon! ao
Miss Charity said…
So yeah...I'm w/ Elaine on this one, I wanted to talk over coffee but looks like it's via Tres Birds :) WHAT IN THE WORLD IS GOING ON???? Help me, my friends are all leaving and I can't find anymore!!! We've gotta talk lady :)
Lauren said…
I think my mom is an incredibly smart woman... I'd probably see you more often if you lived over there anyways.

'Sides, I'm sure the 'normal' costco in Spokane could use some Z-magic.

Lateda said…
uuhh...Im distraught. I cant say a word.
Lets just say, "Theres NO place like HOME". Tap your little red ruby slippers... and see where you end up. (I have a feeling I know) and its RIGHT where you belong:)
awww friend. I cant do this again!
Anonymous said…
The house in front of the new good will is still available! Did I tell you that there's an appleby's across the street and right down the street from Uncle Bears. Seriously, its perfect!
Tamis said…
So glad you guys are finally feeling better. I live in Snohomish too and I swear everyone I have talked to has had some version of this that just hangs on FOREVER and ever.
Yay for Zach and the flash. Your picture of the falls is so pretty, I have never taken my kids out there. Because of that picture I just might have to do it!

Take care and good luck with the job stuff...No fun!
Wendy Girl said…
The Flash!!
I am excited about the flash.
Maybe we could get together and have a play time. You can play with my little lenses, and I can play with your flash...
That sounds so Lame...
So when can I borrow it...

P.S. Since we have the room, Brad said he would make a power and sewer hookup, and you guys could move in a 5th wheel.. Love Ya..

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