yeah I know..

I was talking with one of my AZ gf's today on the phone.

This is what she said,

"Amy has a beef with your blog right now."

"Oh I bet she's mad because I STILL have not sent her picture from the give-away forever ago."

"No, no shes fine with that."


"Well..she misses your writing, she loves your pictures and all, but she misses all your funny little stories."

First off awe shucks.. you people actually read this thing!! Secondly, I know Amy, it has been like FOREVER since I wrote something besides my weekly list and posted fantabulous pics.
This was the final kick in the pants I needed.

As of this very late hour (midnight)
I have set up my official photography blog.
(The blog is just in the beginning phase right now and if you are a follower of my blog then you've already seen the pic's)
Amy's (via Karen) nudge pushed me to do something I've been itching to do. Soon you will see the return of writer Amber.. not to be confused with photographer Amber.

Wow it's hard being me:)


Anonymous said…
Karen dimed me out! Don't get me wrong, I love the pics. I wish I could take some like that. I just also like to see what you're up to. BTW, I moved my office so the picture you are someday going to send me will look even better where I'm going to put it!ao
Timi said…
That's an excellent idea! I like your pictures also but I also miss your other stuff.
I'm looking forward to both of them.
Anonymous said…
Checked out your new blog. Couldn't comment cause I don't have the right profile. It's really cool, but shouldn't you be busy writing The List?ao
Miss Charity said…
I have to say...I'm fine with it all. All the stuff Ambers wrapped up in is good...and I like to see it, read it, follow it, laugh about it, agree (or not:) and I'm always suprised :) Now, yet another blog to follow, jeez...
Amber Rose said…
Karen dimed you out in a good way!! No worries Amy I'm sooo not offended!! LOL!! I know you love my photogs..I mean whats NOT too love, but yes I need to write as I said ..oh what a hard life I have!!!:)
Amber Rose said…
Oh and I changed the other blog so anyone can leave a please comment away!!

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