Swappy Ladies!!!

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Ok ladies..here we go!!!
In the spirit of the current season and all things swappy, this years swap will differ from last years just a touch...

Sign-Ups start now..and will be closed in one week, April 18th. Swap items will need to be mailed out no later than May 15th. Your swap guideline is as follows..

We want to stick with the idea of reduce, reuse or recycle OR a hand crafted item..all of the floral orientation.
Meaning..you will provide your swap partner with ONE floralish item that has either been homespun by your sweet little self or has been purchased USED at a garage sale, thrift store, your Grandma's house ect...Along with a spring verse, quote or a prettyish little spring story of your liking.

A sweet little floralish apron..YES!

A sweet hand soldered floralish pendant...YES!

A sweet floral print purchased at a yard sale last summer..YES!

A sweet dozen homemade lavender flavored cookies..YES!

A sweet watercolor painting..I HOPE I HAVE YOU AS MY PARTNER!

Something that has been purchased at Macy's (or any big store)..or homemade by a person other than yourself..NO!!

Make sense?? If not please, please, please ask me questions, I simply love questions from swappy ladies like yourselves:)

K-this is the NOT fun part..the fine print...Please do not sign up for this swap if you have NO intention of sending out a swap item. Truthfully it HURTS my feelings when my swappy ladies get the shaft, I just plain don't like it. If for some strange reason you are unable to meet your obligation in sending out your swap item, PLEASE let myself or your swap partner know. We can always reassign your partner with another gal. Also when I say homemade item..I mean by YOU..not an ETSY purchase. I do love Etsy but this is suppose to be homespun by YOU! It takes away from all things personal and lovely when you just have an item shipped to your partner..that is not the purpose of this swap. Again please ask questions!! Don't be shy,it's better to ask rather than be in over your noggin;) My goal is to host a swap where every single lady gets her swap item..NO MORE HURT LADIES

Now let the fun begin!!


Anonymous said…
will this be opened up like the last swap? Cause, if so, just give my the Dish now and maybe I can get a floral birdhouse!I'll give her something good!ao
Lateda said…
AND since I GOT the shaft...hmm.hmm. I expect something GOOD this time! :)
Miss Charity said…
Sign me up :) It's already in the bag ;)
Mrs. A said…
Hi Miss Amber,
I want to sign-up too! I loved the one I was in last year at this time-so much fun. Want to do it again! Mya
Johnna Sutton said…
If I paint a flower on an old cows skull will that work? The cow WAS "free range" eating only "floral" food? Can I make a floral picture out of plucked chicken feathers? Reduce,reuse, recycle, right? I hope I get Trisha, she could use a pretty flower picture on a cow skull! FUN STUFF!
Anonymous said…
Count me in. Can I mention it on my blog????????????????????? How much Swappy madness are you up for this year?
Anonymous said…
I want to make it clear that I would love to get any of your fabulous swappy lady friends. I just really want a birdhouse from the Dish!ao
Wendy Girl said…
I am IN...Give me Johnna.. I want that Cow to go with my Placenta soup.. LOL...

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