The List..

Apple Blossoms

I just don't ever get sick of taking pic's of him:)

Is it totally narcissistic to post a pic of yourself on your own blog??

10. Last week I cut my own bangs and died my own hair. I would like to say I'm doing it because of Dave Ramsey..but really I'm doing it to save money for shopping in Paris:)

9. For all my Christian peeps out there, I found a new blog (the blogs not new, just me finding it is). I love this blog very much. The guy is good. I'm actually anxious for him to post.

8. Zach has been invited up to Alaska for a few days of fishing while I'm in Paris. This makes us look like far more the jet setters than we really are.
I promise.

7. Last Saturday I received my first delivery of non-pasteurized very fresh cows milk. I drank fresh milk growing up. Oh I loved that milk. This stuff is just as good, oh and super-d-duper good for you.

6. Last Sunday we had over a very old friend.
In fact I'm pretty sure it was Mikey who first said to me..
"Do you ever think about Zach as more than a friend?" know the rest of that story:)
But let me tell you this guy has every single BAD Amber and Zach story out there. He knows it all..which scares me..alot:)

5. SUN!! It has shown its very bright face here in Washington the past few days. We actually reached like 70 degrees!! I fell asleep in the yard, pulled weeds, and even got a little nice.

4. Last weekend I made a huge 3 tier chocolate cake (all from scratch) AND strawberry shortcake with yummy REAL whipped cream.
Now on Wednesday I have only one word..DIET.

3. Ok so the other day I accidentally deleted a few comments(this is what happens when Amber is talking on the phone and blogging at the same time). One was from Karen (of course it was some smart @#% comment) and the other was from a stranger. So if you are that stranger I'm sorry!! Comment again! Really I'm not some mean delete the comment type of gal.

2. Can I just fast forward to the part where I'm a real photographer and people are paying me loads of money for my pic's already....I mean come on.

1. I have a little bit of a surprise for you all..make sure you check back Monday. I'm kinda excited about a new project I have brewing.


Anonymous said…
Finally, a list. I look everyday to see what little words of wisdom you have left for me to live by. BTW, any decision on the big decision? WTH are you going to tell us. Oh, and I have a really good idea for my swap. Hopefully you'll be really surprised. Now I just have to go back and read what I'm supposed to
Random Thoughts said…
Love the picture. I am so glad you gave into your inner narcissism! I want the chocolate cake and strawberry shortcake. My sweet tooth has been raising its ugly head. Love the list. I always love it when your post says, "The List." Thanks for the wonderful visit on Tuesday!
Miss Charity said…
BTW...I really like your new guy blog, too :) Thanks for sharing! Pics are gorgeous, as always...can't wait for the exciting news!
Johnna Sutton said…
Super-d-duper? I'm nervous about what your brewing.

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