First Impressions

Wow what can I say? Taking a break on my third morning waking up in Grand Paris! It was raining this morning so our plans were changed a least I'm sitting inside listening to it rain in Paris:)

It really is amazing how much you can fit into 3 days in Paris.

Yesterday I remarked to our driver that it would take 10 years to see all of this city and he replied..,"No it takes a lifetime, maybe longer"

Oh what true words! I think the one of the things that resonates with me the most is the age of this city..this country. America is just a babe. Did you know that the building of Notre Dame started in 1160!! Yesterday I went to the remains of a Roman coliseum. I mean this is a place where gladiators actually fought..where Christians were martyred..such history. It's amazing to me that I can say I've walked on streets where Marie Antoinette walked, Nazi's marched and US armies seems like too much to take in.

More to come:)


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