The List

10. I have the best blog readers in the whole wide world.

9. Sun!! Here in western WA..oh I feel like I'm going to jinx it by blogging about it!! It's just so unseasonably sunny..yipee! Actually I think that western Washington has the Strehle's to thank..i'm pretty sure it was us who brought it from Arizona:)

8. I'm a little sad that Mommy Monday ended..sniff sniff. I was not expecting these posts to impact me so deeply, but they have. I have loved getting to know some of you better and I love that my readers get to see what awesome women I know!!

7. On Memorial day I did my shopping for Paris..oh I had fun!! AND even though I set off with the totally intention of paying full price for everything..most of my purchases were on sale!! I'm going to be one stylish girl in grand Paris..and all at 40% off!!

6. Anthony Bourdain and Mario Batali...pinch me!! OMGOSH what a GREAT night!!! It was like the perfect foodie evening..started with a wonderful light dinner, the show and returning to the same restaurant (after it was closed) having strong espresso and almond cake with just a handful of us in the dinning area (mostly staff), I felt like the luckiest girl alive. Anthony and Mario were entertaining, who knew you could sit and listen to these two men talk for 2 hours about food and enjoy it!! On a sad note..I was totally prepared to go out for drinks with Anthony Bourdain after the show..but there were like about 5 THOUSAND women who had the same idea as me..well I guess there is always next time:)

5. This is the craziest story EVER..hmm we WON the championship game for our league in softball.. yup this is the team that Isabelle plays on and I coach..yes we took the whole stinking thing, by only one run. Umm.. I'm still really perplexed as to how we pulled it off but we did. Does it make me feel a little bit better about the season.. nope not one bit.

4. Got the hair cut on Monday.. FINALLY!! Do you know that I'm about 60 percent gray now??

3. No word on the house (this means you can quit asking)

2. Am I freaking out about #3?? Yes..but there is always...

1. Paris in 7 days.


Tamis said…
Yeah for Paris, this will give you plenty of blog material to last EONS!

Thanks for the farm share info. I will look into it and see if it will work. I am craving variety that you get with that sort of program.

Lauren said…
I'm so jealous about the Anthony Bourdain thing (not so much Mario Batalli...).

I would absolutely love to meet up with you in Paris... I know it's about an hour and a half car ride - Not sure about a train ride though. I'll have to look into that! We'll see what works out.

Don't stress about the house. Something will work out and then you'll wonder why you had yourself up in a tizzy. God is faithful :)

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