On to summer!

Bear with this post.. I mean a Mom has to brag every once in a while right??

Last Monday the 3 Strehle boys all received a Hawk award.. Only Silas would let me get a pic and you can't even see his certificate..hey I could be making this whole thing up:)
Yesterday was Shad and Dylans 2 HOUR LONG 6th grade graduation..

Oh what men they are turning out to be!! This picture is CRAZY!!As you can see Zach is SUPER happy that graduation lasted 2 hours and we keep taking fifty million pictures..so awesome.

Then to top it off Shad received a President's Award for Outstanding Academic Achievement.. Wow..it even has Mr. O's signature on it..big doings.
Here he is receiving his award and saying something witty and everyone is laughing.. he gets that from me.. the witty part.. not the academic achievement part:)
Yay for the Strehle kiddo's!! Now on to summer..
no more papers, no more books, no more teachers dirty looks


haha! I love Zach's face in that picture! You guys are hilarious... your kiddos are doing awesome and getting so big. We miss you!
Wendy Girl said…
Congrats Boys..
And Dad for waiting through it all.
Miss Charity said…
Congrats to a job well done public school converts! Praise to the Strehle boys for ending on such a high note :) Job well done Amber!
Johnna Sutton said…
I think he gets the witty part from me because you are 100% dork!

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