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I kinda had to hit the ground running when I came home from my stint as a world traveler. There are sooo many things I have not shared with you!! So today I want to show you some pictures from one of my favorite evenings. I went on this trip with my Aunt and one of her friends (who quickly became my friend as well!) Val. Antonya (my Aunt) was so so so very generous to Val and myself. One of the many things we were treated to were a few guided tours, what a AWESOME experience these tours were!! So much info, so much insight. These pictures were from our "Paris at Night" walking tour. Our sweet young tour guide from Canada (go figure) showed us all sorts of little nooks and crannies, not to mention just being out in this city past dark is a experience all in its self..I wonder if Parisians ever work, because they all seem to just be beautiful and sit in cafe's for a living:)

Will you join me for a condensed tour??

Ok, really this was on the way to the fact I was saying it is not going to be a Paris at night tour, it's going to be a Paris at dusk tour..hahaha, I'm just funny like that.

This cafe is one of the oldest (maybe even THE oldest, I can't remember) in Paris. That is me in the window taking a picture of a painting of Benjamin cool..he actually ate right here!! So did a number of famous historical figures. Awesome.

It's amazing, you are walking through streets that have been around since the late 1600's and suddenly there is a theatre and its crazy cuz it looks like it belongs there.

Across the street from the Pantheon

This was cool, we stumbled upon a graduation of some sorts..If I remember correctly, these kids are all graduating from a very exclusive techish school..much like our MIT. It was cute, because you could feel the excitement in the air. Senior graduations are senior graduations in any country:) (check out the street and builings behind the students)

We were heading over to Notre Dame and I spied this hipster on the pedestrian bridge. It was getting super dark so I had to leave my shutter open FOREVER and try not to shake, I ended up resting on the bridge railing to steady myself, i sooo heart this picture.

Another thing I was introduced to on this trip was riding in taxi's. I have on a few occasions rode in a taxi, but riding in a taxi in Paris is..well CRAZY! Many times Val closed her eyes and sucked in her breath, but oh was it fun;) I snapped this on the way home from the taxi window, I still had my shutter open wide.
Good ending to a perfect evening:)


Anonymous said…
Thank you for the super abridged version of your guided tour! I still love the pic you used for the top of your page. Please consider this my second entry for when you raffle that off. ao
Miss Charity said…
Thank you, thank you for the grand tour to all of your non-world traveler friends. I'm sooo glad to be home where I can sit down and catch up on your blog...I was having Amber withdrawals :)

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