The List..Fall Style

I felt it this morning before I ever saw it.

"No!" I said out loud to myself, standing in front of the window.

My eyes rose up to the large aging maple tree just outside of our backyard here at cold house. I had mixed emotions at what I saw..
yes I spied a few leaves donning their fall attire.

While I dream of living in a state of perpetual summer, fall has always had my heart.

Although it is still are my top ten things about fall.

10. Indian Summer..During the day it gets nice and hot yet the evenings are very chilly, kinda like AZ at Christmas:) BUT on those crisp sunny fall days you have NEVER in your whole life seen anything as beautiful as the Northwest. Everywhere you look there is such color!

9. Clothing..I like cold weather clothing so much better than warm weather clothing. I HATE to wear too much clothing when it's hot. I do not know how people can wear jeans in the summer.. ahh but Fall is redemptive for me! Jeans appear, cute light sweaters and let's not forget the leggings:) Still not much rain, so my sweet little ballet flats can still be worn, without the worry of wet toes!

8. Color..muted browns, red, oranges, mustard and the occasional bright yellow.
It's a feast for the eyes!

7. Food.. suddenly light summer salads give way to hearty stews and warm chicken dishes. No worries, you will be in a heavy sweater till May..bake away!

6. Cozy..I love the feeling of a blustery fall evening with my family gathered around the dinner table safe and sound.

5. Thanksgiving.

4. The general relief that no more can be done outside in the yard. This means that a Saturday spent deep inside a new novel does not make me feel remorse. The outside world is on hold till Spring.

3. Pumpkins, I loath Halloween, but I LOVE pumpkins!! I love everything about them, from their long trailing vines in the garden, right down to the seeds we bake and snack on for days. I'm pretty sure that Linus was right, and the Great Pumpkin is lurking out in a pumpkin patch near you.

2. The anticipation of Christmas decorating..ooh just the thought excites me!

1. The wind..bluster fall days. For some spring is a time of new awakenings, but for me it's Fall. When the wind kicks up I think of Mary Poppins..I long for a magic umbrella to take me away..and also that trick she does when cleaning up the children's nursery:)


Random Thoughts said…
This was a fantabulous list!! Fall is my favorite time of the year. It makes me so excited to get rid of summer!
Tamis said…
My list would also include a nice steaming hot espresso, these summer days are taking the thrill out of my morning coffee experience!

Love your list, how can leaves be changing already?
Life's Delish said…
I am so excited to wear sweaters and jackets, oh and cute boots. Scarfs, vintage hats....the list goes on. I have yet to find thrift stores, but it is top of the list when husband arrives.
tinkerverve said…
If only you could have seen my face when I was reading this - it would surely have made you laugh. I'm thinking..."is she CRAZY??!?"...a fall post? ...and the 3 comments here before me? UHGGG!- Hasn't summer just begun? I'm enjoying it so much. You've taken a bit of the wind out of my sales. Next time I'll be waiting for something a bit more joyful and upbeat!

p.s. I adore fall but I just can't think about that right now! ;-)
Lauren said…
My mom doesn't know what she's talking about. Autumn is by far the best of all seasons. I often wish summer was one month and autumn 5 :)

If only I could see the same signs you're seeing. It's still overbearingly hot here :/
Mya said…
So jealous. It's 103 in Texas and will be for another month probably. Plbbbbt. I think that's the raspberry sign.

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