A tale of two Ambers...

Did you know that I started saving for my first car when I was only 13 years old? By the time I was 16 years old I was able to pay cash for a sweet ass 1976 red 3-speed Camaro..oh you are soo jealous right now. Fast forward a few years, Zach and I purchased our first home together..at the ages of 20 and 21..Zach was not able to buy a beer legally, but we owned a home.
Zach and I had always done the "adult responsible thing", even from a young age. When all of our buddies were still in college doing keg stands, Zach and I were slaving away on a mortgage and pushing out babies. We never knew any different, church every Sunday, pay our bills on time, lawn perfectly manicured, baked goods galore, one vacation a year, really bad fashion sense, the kiddos were well behaved..we kept safe.

Then AZ came along..we sold our home, packed up our lives (not in that order) and headed out to the unknown. There we became renters for the first time in our grown up lives, we took alot of vacations, I met women who were more plastic than real, attended a Mega church, discovered the awesome thing that is called anonymity, bought new cars, shopped..alot! embraced my inner artist and all the joys that brings..Generally acted very UNamberish..
Very irresponsible of me (we), I must say.

Now my worlds have collided..Country Amber vs. Gypsy Amber.
We are in the process of trying to purchase a sweet little house in the country. A house that Country Amber would die for!! 2 acres, fruit trees, a little red bard, chicken coop, tire swing, built in 1934, so much character, SUCH an Amberish place. BUT Gypsy Amber is having a hard time with the purchase. The city is calling her, why not spend a year in Wallingford? Why not continue to throw caution to the wind and live from whim to whim? When I die..my bank account will not accompany me to heaven, our 401k will not impress Jesus.

I'm super confused..and I can't make sense of it all really. Looking back I can't say that I was unhappy, because I was not. Country Amber life feeds my soul, it's just in a different way than Gypsy Amber life.

I can't say I prefer one more than the other. I just prefer them differently and at different times..does that make sense? No? Hmm..

Actually writing this has helped me decide what I want...

Two acres in downtown Seattle, close to the water, close to a market, really good school district, close to Mars Hill church, close to a smokin second hand store and Anthro, a pool, some chickens, a spot for a garden, a little barn for my photography studio and a walk to my local really cool coffee shop, where everyone will know my name and I can write my novel in peace..all for right around 250,000 (so we are not financially stressed).

No problem..right?


Tamis said…
I think I could live there too! Glad you came to a decision, now good luck finding it!
Random Thoughts said…
Gypsy Amber and Country Amber will be happy wherever they end up. That is the lesson of both your lives. You might even find a new side of your self. I've never been one to limit a story to two sides and neither should you. Which inner Amber will break free next? I can't wait to see what God has in mind!
Timi said…
I want to move to that neighborhood!
Amber no matter where you move it's going to be great. If you move close to me I'll show you all the hot spots, thrift stores, and introduce you to the coolest peps ever. Oh wait! You already know some of them and are one of them!
Life's Delish said…
Gypsy Amber needs to find joy in the country. The city is only a drive away. You can have a little of both when you are living the country life. City..not so much!
Lateda said…
I say we go GYPSY all the way...
buy a travel trailer... maybe a bus? pack up the kids... travel the country for a year!
Forget the mortgage, cars, and all the other stuff..... I want to live the gypsie life too:)
But, I am excited for your country house... :)

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