The list..confused style

Me avoiding's really fun, you should try it.

At least I'm taking my kiddos with me while I'm avoiding.

Growing too fast!!

Ahh Silas:)

10. I'm having a bit of a hard time adjusting back to domestic life. Yes the kiddos are getting fed, but really that is about it. I keep flitting from minor project to minor project..avoiding housework at any cost and wondering what it is that I actually do. I suppose it does not help that it is summer time and I really don't have to be anywhere at any certain's kinda rough being a world traveler who is not really a world traveler..does that make sense?

9. I do have more Paris pic's to go through..but I'm kinda sick of looking at them..really.

8. I'm having a bit of writers block.

7. Can you tell I'm crabby?

6. We have the most amazing cherry tree in our back yard and it has the biggest deepest red cherries you have ever seen on it. I've picked at least 10 pounds of cherries off of that tree so far..yes the kiddos are very regular right now:)

5. We lost the house we have had an offer on for over 5 months..the bank decided to foreclose on it instead of taking our offer..jerks.

4. Still no place to live, looking at moving to a new rental to cut down on costs, all by the end of the month.

3. I'm kinda past the point in my life that I'm going to act like I'm NOT excited about going to the Shin-Dig this weekend..What is the Shin-Dig Amber? You might be asking yourself right now..Well dear reader..Add 1 part redneck, 1 part logging show (think log shimmy and chain saw races), 1 part trying to relive your glory days and about 5 parts really cheap beer and that my friends is the Shin-Dig Weekend and if you are not from Sky Valley then you could not EVEN begin to appreciate uniqueness:)

2. I should be packing right now.

1. Zach started his new position this past Monday. It is going to be like the old days, meaning Amber never sees her husband. I'm a little sad about this, but I guess it was not all bad..distance does make the heart grow fonder..maybe that is why we had 4 kids:)

Hope you are all enjoying your summer!!


Random Thoughts said…
I enjoyed seeing you this morning. I'll am praying that you land where He desires to plant you. God has an amazing plan for you and Zach and I am excited to watch!

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