Do these comments make my butt look big?

There was this girl that I went to high school with. Let's call her Betty Lou. Betty Lou was skinny and all the boys liked her. And every so often she would come and sit down at our table with a loud sign and say..

"Oh I'm so fat!"

To which all the girls at the table would interject..

"No Betty Lou! You are not fat!"

"No Betty Lou! You are the most skinny girl around!"

"No Betty Lou! I wish I was as skinny as you!"

It took me a few years to see the pattern or really maybe I never even realized it until after I graduated. You see Betty Lou really only said those things so people would say nice things back to her..poor dear, I'm sure she was just having a bad day and itching for a compliment. I can totally relate to Betty Sue..

While I'm not fishing for compliments about my body shape (but will gladly take them if you feel it necessary) I'm speaking of my blog..

My blog comments..or rather the lack there of.

I'm insecure about it. I don't want to be insecure about it. I don't want you to think I'm blogging about this so you will all start commenting..and say things like..

"Oh Amber! You have the best blog around!" (ok really I do want you to say that)

"Oh Amber! I'm just so enraptured by your fine writing skills I forget to leave comments" (ok you can say that too)

"Oh Amber! You are the skinniest girl around!" (yes yes you can say that as well)

When I first started blogging I never told anyone..not a soul. For one whole year I sheepishly typed, praying no one would ever find me. Then people started finding me. Remember that scene in Julia and Julia, when she got her first comment?..Yes it was from her Mom..but if you blog you know what feeling I'm talking about.

I'm not going to lie, comments feel good.
Maybe comments feel good for all the wrong reasons.
Maybe I once again need to start sheepishly typing and praying no one will find me.
Maybe I need to stop worrying about what people are going to think or say and just write what I feel.

Or maybe I just need to get over myself and my ego.


I hate it when I have to get over myself.

I mean its hard, cuz I'm so awesome and all..

Shoot there I go again.

This is going to be harder than I thought.

Oh and I'm hosting a give-away so go leave a comment..ha!


Anonymous said…, I do have an opinion on this (big surprise) ~ and I say that you have to get over it. You can't change it (w/o a lot of time and hard work).
You just have to continue to be you.
To write about what you want to write about...what makes up your days...what makes you happy. There are ways to strategize getting new viewers...and then there are other ways to keep them coming back...but, I have to say that most people who pop in and out just don't leave comments. The 'commenting community' is a small one.
Do a great job and you don't have a big butt!
Random Thoughts said…
All of us want validation. I struggle with the same things as you. I can go many blogs without a comment and feel that dread that what I am writing does not matter to anyone but me or that (even worse) it is terrible and the few that have made comments in the past were trying desperately to be nice. What I need to remember, and it sounds crazy, is that all the comments in the world, while they feel great at the moment, have never fixed and never will my massive insecurities. I need to remember who I truly need validation from and work on believing the validation He has already given me. I know, I tend to make everything spiritual. It is a gift and a curse! For me everything is. I love what you write, I love your pictures, but mostly I love you!
Life's Delish said…
When did blogging take over our lives? When did we let what other people think about what we do on a day to day basis have such an influence on us? I think you should blog because you love it and because it is a creative outlet. Big of my resolutions.
Lateda said…
You have the BEST blog around.
Its just Im soo enraptured by your fine writing skills, I forget to leave comments.

and YOUR the skinniest girl AROUND!
junkrescuerbeth said…
The number of blog comments is sort of like the number on the weight scales for me. It is hard to not let it affect my mood or outlook in some teeny weeny way. I know it is just a number. But the great thing about growing older, is that at age 57, I strive to do what makes me happy.

Thanks for visiting our blog and leaving a nice comment on my "new" skirt.

Beth of Salvage Studio
Johnna Sutton said…
Your skinny and pretty and Betty Lou can kiss your kick ask blog! I mean... I think you have some hidden high school issues...maybe you should give Betty a call and invite her over for some cake.;)

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