On the shelf..

I'm a reader, so much in fact I prefer books to real life.

This can be a problem.

At times I have my nose so buried in a book that life tends to waltz right past me.

This really can be problem.

As I write this, I'm looking up at my very plump book shelf.

The word escapism comes to mind.

"Escapism is the mental diversion by means of entertainment or recreation, as an "escape" from the perceived unpleasant aspects of daily stress."


If you need a diversion from daily stress, let me make a few recommendations..

The Sartorialist..Scott Schuman

Ok first off, the guy is self trained, no real photog training. Wow. Is he the best fashion photog out there? No, but his pictures of beautifully well dressed people walking around Milan, Paris and other fabulous places capture you..the pictures make you want to try a little harder in the morning, but not in that "I suck" kinda depressed way. I've drawn so much inspiration from his style and his ability to make people look like high-fashion models (ok some really are). Many times he does not even speak the language of the person he is shooting.. he just holds up the camera and they pose..killin me.
He started with a blog, that moved to multiple photog fashion gigs and now he has a book..sooo not fair! (ok I'm making it sound a little bit simple..but you get my point) If your looking for some good fashion inspiration or some good photog inspiration pick this one up..you won't be disappointed.

A million miles in a thousand years..Donald Miller.

His first book, Blue Like Jazz kinda hacked me off in a few places truthfully. Especially politically. But he does make me think, actually re-think what I believe and why I believe it. For this I'm very grateful. I like to imagine myself a person that can hold her own in many types of discussions..so when a book forces me to learn more about myself and my beliefs I have to appreciate it.
As far as his new book is concerned, I started it with the same feeling..like I might be irritated with the book, but my opinion has quickly changed. I'm part of the many who thinks this book is just plain AMAZING, I mean really life altering. It is almost like he just might be inside my noggin, in fact I'm pretty sure he is inside of many of our noggins daring to write what we want to keep secret. Good stinking stuff.

In fact its so good, I'm going to give it away..because well..I guess I'm just awesome like that and I'm telling you this book is just awesome like that. So comment by next Friday and tell me what your reading (or not reading). I will try and post the winner Saturday morning.

Oh and Miss Elaine has a pretty cool announcement..go check it out.


Anonymous said…
OK...so the right answer would be, as every SS kid knows,...the Bible - but I really am...it's gonna happen this year. I've also p/u "Life is a Verb" again by Patti Digh and I want to finish it this time! Don't put me in on your give-a-way though because as you know...it should be in the mail.
Amber Rose said…
Oh Miss Elaine such a good Sunday School answer!!:)
deb said…
I can't believe you're giving something away and have so few comments. I'm guessing other people feel a bit like I do - scared to win because reading the book sounds like it could require me to work on myself, which is rarely fun. I confess I haven't been reading much lately other than my Bible (but not as much as I want to) and also a little devotional book called "Pure Joy" by Alicia Britt Chole.
Amber Rose said…
Thanks Deb for feeling sorry for me..I'm feeling a little bit sorry for myself about my lack of comments!!! Which of course is totally SILLY..consider yourself entered:)
Miss Charity said…
So sorry it's been forever since I've commented...bad computer stuff going on at my house, I know...I know the story of my life! And no, The Dish has not been over, LOL. I'm always game for a new book, right now I'm reading Wicked, The Glass City, and Love & Respect. Oh so Good, Pretty Good, and Bulls Eye! Those are just my opinions :) Anyhow, miss ya, lets do coffee!
Lateda said…
I will forever go down for the computer "crisis". :)
So... what Im reading??? hmmmm..
Does US magazing count?
Sounds like a great book.. but Im not a fan of books, you know that!
Amber Rose said…
Charity please join with me in the first annual..Burn the Love and Respect book festival I'm holding here at Roosevelt House..

To The Dish..you have read Jenny McArthy's book on autism..that stands for something..right!

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