I can do better...

Yesterday I was watching the Today Show while at the gym, I watched an interview with a women who claims to have had a near death experience. Let me Amber paraphrase the interview for you..

I was being held and felt such peace..

A voice said, "I'm sorry you can't stay"

"But I was a good mother, I was a good wife, I worked with cancer patients, please let me stay."

"Have you ever felt loved like you feel right now?" the voice said.


"You can't stay"

"But I'm only human! I can't love like that"

"You can do better"

Wheather or not I believe her story is irrelevant, because her basic message of this encounter is what really struck me and has stayed with me since..

What if everyday, I thought to myself..Amber you can do better.
Not in the "I'm gonna beat myself up over it" kinda way.

No, I'm talking about in the..

Amber, you can love better kinda way.

Love selflessness.
Love forgiveness(over and over and over again). (and over and over and over again).
Love faith.
Love beauty.
Love love.
Love peace.
Love generosity.
Love the life I was given.

I just can't help but think how different this world would be if we all looked at ourselves in the mirror and said..I can do better.


Anonymous said…
I can do better!!!
YES!!! Love this post Amber! I need to do better too!!!!
Lateda said…
Preach it Sister! Its a daily struggle for me... great post... :) I'm going to update my blog soon... probably tomorrow:)

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