The List..

A little fun here at Roosevelt House..

10. I just realized the school does not get out til the 21st of June..WHAT THE HECK!! Pretty soon we are going to have 4th of July break I swear.

9. So I'm leaning toward deleting my facebook account..yes I was the one that convinced many of you to get one..sorry I lied.

8. I really am loving helping Heather with project Heather.. she is a total doll that and it's been fun getting to know her better along with stretching me creatively.

7. Can't wait to head to AZ, see my AZ friends (minus a few...sniff sniff) eat at Pita Jungle, go to SAS and snap some pic's of a pretty awesome family. It's gonna be a busy 3 days!!

6. Umm the weather!! Seriously a January in Washington with like 60 degree days?? Hardly any rain?? (I hear spring birds chirping RIGHT NOW!) I've been working in my yard, prepping my garden, and readying the coop for some girls..YAY!! Of course the down side to this is I know it's going to rain until August..which I guess is fine since we don't get out of school until the 4th of stinking July, right?

5. A few peeps I'm pretty darn proud of?? The sassy ladies at Wild Whimsy got into none other than the Farm Chicks show!! WOOHOO for them!!

4. Wow I wondered if I actually had enough stuff for a list..guess I do.

3. Paris fashion week..many AWESOME pic's here. I'm not claiming to a fashionista (cuz I'm typing this in spongebob pajama's and a paint stained sweatshirt) but I'm having a really hard time this spring with the whole bootie and high heel look..maybe in Paris yes..Snohomish

2. When I first started the list, I always included something either political or pop-culturish (two of my very favorite subjects) I need to start doing that again. This week Elizbeth Edwards..why did you stay with that creeper for so stinking long?? I'm not a man hater..and I don't always think infidelity should end in divorce..I do think you gave him so many more chances than he deserved and for what it's worth, this humble girl at Roosevelt House wishes you the very best of luck with your new life:)

1. Do you ever have one of those weeks when life seems good? Not great, no there is still struggle, hurt, confusion, brokenness, betrayal..but it's one of those weeks that I can look past it. I know that this life is fleeting, it will be gone tomorrow and really the small stuff (and small people for that matter)WILL NOT slow me down.
Love these kind of weeks:)


tinkerverve said…
**Don't delete FB! It is my easy form of communication - I need to to have it.
**good for you...let the small people GO!

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