Farewell 2010, you were good to me.

I think that if I had one word to sum up 2010 it would be declare.

de·clare (d-klâr)
v. de·clared, de·clar·ing, de·clares
1. To make known formally or officially. See Synonyms at announce.
2. To state emphatically or authoritatively; affirm.
3. To reveal or make manifest; show.
4. To make a full statement of (dutiable goods, for example).

I feel like 2010 was the year of Amber declaration. Shout it from the mountain tops, this is who I am, what I believe and where I want to go.

Speaking your dreams into action is a powerful experience.

Like sooo intense.

Then letting yourself believe that the life you are working so hard toward is really happening, is a whole OTHER level of intensity. I've never been very good at that part.. at all.

I'd like to think that because I declared myself I had it all figured out..exactly (like I meant to do it and all)..um no. Or I would like to think that meant I had all the self confidence in the world..me in my power suit kicking arse and taking names..um big big no.

I learned to trust my gut a little bit more this year. I'm amazed to say that about 9 out of 10 times it's right. I have to thank my Creator for wisdom, most days it evades me, but just when I need it most (and am BEGGING for it) I get it.


I made a few COLOSSAL mistakes this year. Me walking away from a SERIOUSLY sweet gig..for no other reason than fear. Yes I did that...oh yes I did, and after WEEKS of personal turmoil and self loathing I had to make a choice. I learned there is beauty in failure. It's not your average beauty like Jennifer Anniston, but rather an unusual beauty like Christina Ricci in Penelope.

To my peeps in 2010.
You complete me.
Yes that may sound a wee bit overly dramatic, but I'm not lying and I don't say it enough to you.
Everysingleoneofyou. You have offered so much support, encouragement and love this past year. I really would have a big fat hole in my heart if it not for you. Thank You.

To mi familia in 2010.

Zach-Your constant support and even strong pushes (ok shoves) this past year have been life sustaining. I just might be still treading water if it not for you. You only tell me the truth..which at times is not what I want to hear..but when you say "nice work" I know its my best. I just have to remember NOT to ask you if "my butt looks big in these jeans". I love you deeply and think no one on earth will ever be as sexy as you are when you jog..ever.


My numero uno job on this earth will always be being your mommy. You four truly are my number one fans. You four also keep me clear headed and grounded..your my built in reality check, because I'm pretty sure if it not for the four of you..I just might be "finding myself" in Istanbul. While I do love being Amber, I love being your mother even more. Thank you Strehle kiddos for your unwavering support and constant comments about how the Starbucks baristas know my name..my life would be very dull without you indeed:)


I declared it last year, this year I will put it into motion. Enough talk. Action!

Oh..and more love. I need to love more in 2011. Like a child love, recklessly, blamelessly and without much thought of return, ok more like the dog kind of love. I fear that kind of love, but where I am weak He is strong.

2011, I welcome you with arms wide.


And I am sure 2011 is waiting to give you a big hug, too!
Miss Charity said…
B-E-A-Utiful!!!! So glad your back...I've missed you! Good luck with the new year, I'm hoping to put some action into my declaration as well :)

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