Africa (heart in hand)

I have labored for weeks trying to write this post..seriously weeks. For some strange reason the words are not coming, it's a little weird. I mean here is a life long dream coming true, months in the planning, amazing stories, amazing people and I can't write it. So today as I was talking to my much wiser friend, explaining to her my frustration about my lack of words, she gave me some wisdom...

(Amber paraphrased)

"Maybe this trip is just for you, maybe blogging is not the place for it, don't stress and enjoy the moment for what it is..don't force it. "

I think the part that has stuck with me most about our conversation was the "don't force it". Because that is what I feel like I'm doing when I try and write about it. It's a lot.

So let me give you the basics.. There are six of us, we are building a school, I will have to pee in a hole and not shower for many many days, I will be staying in a small remote village outside of Nairobi, there is no electricity, this is not a safari trip but rather a trip to actually physically help..not changing.
I'm going to start journaling, that is what I would have done before blogging, I will put pen to paper and write out my thoughts. It will be good.

I think maybe this trip is just too personal to me. It's too much apart of my heart, too sacred. I feel all naked and bare when I sit down to write it out.

So for now I will stay clothed and we will talk about the weather.

Aaaand, I just wrote a post about not being able to write a post.

Funny me.

(feel sorry for my therapist right now)


tinkerverve said…
...and it shall be beautiful!
It is just too big for mere it and feel it. Bless you and your building buddies on your adventure.
Life's Delish said…
you are going to have an amazing experience. so excited for you.
GardenGirl said…
It is sacred you are right. Keep it close. It'll be a process...the last time I came home from Romania, took a long time to talk about. Some things I never have. Because it didn't seem right to say it out loud. Just be in it. Embrace it.
It will be life changing...just let it be, it is what it is. Aaaaand we all already know what a good writer you are, so relax lady :)
geff said…
Wendy Girl said…
This Made me Cry. I love you!

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