Dreams of my fever

This week I got sick.

I only get sick everyonceinawhile. Hardly ever really, but when it happens it happens bad.

So I dreamt lots of feverish dreams this week.

My fever dreams are these extreme, colorful, graphic, intense short movies that are on a constant loop in my noggin. Of course this means I get no real rest while dreaming..but oh what a trip.

So one night I woke up and wrote a bunch of stuff down, because I knew I would NEVER remember all of my brilliant ideas and dreams.

I'm sure Zach must have thought me crazy...sitting in front of the blazing fire, shivering, dripping sweat, mumbling, wild hair, scribbling madly in my notebook..you know... totally normal stuff.

Here is one dream..

I'm standing out on my front porch, looking much like I looked when I was scribbling by the fire and talking to my dear friend Miss Elaine. She is saying to me..

"Amber you are sick, go back to bed, yes I know you have a lot to do, but I will take care of you."

Me..lifting my weak hand in protest and stating.."No! I can't let you! You have tons going on as well! I won't let you!"

Elaine in her most stern and commanding way.. "Yes..go to bed, rest, everything will get done."

I relented, too sick and weak and FREEZING (remember I was outside) to continue my protest. The best part of the dream was that when I was walking back to house, Miss Elaine..

STARTED TO WASH MY CAR..yup because everyone knows how much I do love me a clean car. (and everyone knows how my car is NEVER clean..which leads me to be stressed..but not stressed enough to keep it clean..I'm SICK!).

I look at this dream in lots of different ways..here are just a few.

-When wives/mothers are sick we really just want someone to take care of us.
-But its SUPER hard to let others take care of us. (oh the HUMANITY of this cycle!!!)
-Even though I like to think I have control over my life..I don't.
-I'm so glad I have someone like Miss Elaine in my life..her and many more:)
-Its ok to rest. Its ok to NOT be busy.
-I really really like it when people wash my car.

I have lots more dreams where this one came from..don't worry I won't write about anymore, because we all don't want to know what happens when Matthew Morrison shows up at your house in his undies singing Don't Stop Believing.


ahem...oh yes we do want to know! Glad you are on the mend. Those fever dreams are crazy.
Johnna Sutton said…
Jason wants some of whatever "candy" you've been sucken on!
tinkerverve said…
...and I would you know...take care of you {but I won't sing to you in my undies!}

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