The List

10. Do you want to see some pictures of the school we are going to be working on?? We will also be starting another one from the ground up..

9. Sick, sick, sick. I tell ya. Since January 4th we have had at least one sickie here in at Roosevelt House. Oh how I'm over sick spoiled children and sick very UNspoiled Mom..seriously...who takes care of Mom when she is sick..NO ONE!! Thats I bitter..ahh HECK YES!!! It's soooo unfair!! I think I need to start a cause..maybe print up a colored ribbon or something..

"oooh what does that green ribbon on your lapel stand for?"

"I'm starting a foundation for all the Moms of the world who get the flu and suddenly her entire family vanishes..too busy to care for her."

It would be soooo big.

8. Starting a book club with a few gals..pretty excited. I've always wanted to be apart of some uber cool book club, with uber cool ladies..talking about uber smart stuff. It will pretty much rock.

7. First year of doing business taxes with the husband..I'm pretty proud to say we actually fought very little, I'm just as surprised by this as you are.

6. Double dream hands!!

5. If you go to google images and type in Kitui, Kenya you can see pictures of the village I'm going to. It's pretty cool.

4. UMMMM...I CRAVE this video..MUST have summer road trip NOW..must have hauntingly beautiful music playing NOW, must have 80's inspired floral patterns NOW. Tres Birds is gonna make a movie like this one day.. I promise.

Anthropologie: Let's Get Lost from Anthropologie on Vimeo.

3. So what did you think about the two sides of congress mixing it up and sitting together at the state of the union address??

**excuse me while I puke in my mouth a bit**

2. The more I see the less I know. (yes I stole that) (yes its so true) (at times I think about my younger self and I'm embarrassed for her, she thought she knew so much, she thought she had all the answers..boy was she wrong.)

1. I guess I only had 9 things to talk about this week.. :)


I'm completely with you on the "let's sit together and that solves the country's problems" nonsense. Gag me.

I used to be in a book club but it folded. :( You'll have to post what you'll be reading.

I was sick last week and I was NOT taken care of the way I wanted! Huff! :)

I love your list, btw.
Charity Watts said…
Ditto with the puke truly made me green around the gills!
So glad I get to see where your headed...I'm really not jealous or anything.
Sorry you had no one to care for you, you wanna trade them in along with mine?
Lateda said…
Love Double Dream hands!!
lets get dreaming about our coffee shop!
And I totally understand the SICKY business, thanks to my dear friend who gave it to me.

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